Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 08 University

Last Week: No one was in college so I was able to skip university. That means this week we have all new comers.

Katherine did not take growing up very well. As you can see, she was not happy with this transition, lets hope her future gets brighter. She also continues to believe she needs to grow up. I’m hoping I can wait until the end of her sophomore year in order to correct that. I also realized someone was missing… Mr. 3 bolts is not here. Oops?

So I exited the lot, grabbed the brat and threw him in to the dorm with the rest of the freshmen. *raises an eyebrow* Looks like he’s already giving me attitude… I have ways to deal with these types of sims. Let’s hope he is a quick study. *smirks*

Huh, I apparently don’t have a very good picture of Derek. *shrugs* Well here he is anyhow.

Derek VijayakarVirgo
Aspiration – Knowledge
1 neat, 7 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 4 nice
LTWBecome City Planner

So the kids did their thing. Met people, made nice with the blazer bunch and naturally they all became friends with Amar who promptly gave each admission to the Greek House.

Okay seriously… what is the big deal with Derek? They stand around waiting for a chance to talk to him.

There are a few changes that happened their freshman year… one major one in particular. *grins* Emma and I had a bit of fun trying out her new spells.

I got impatient. Katherine was platinum, so I sent her to the cement mixer to get fixed. She rolled knowledge. *sighs* oh well, Caplan is knowledge, so this works out just fine. *pokes Katherine* Get to it missy.
What? Wait, what the… no! Katherine don’t do it! *cringes*

Katherine Wong – Aquarius
AspirationGrilled Cheese
4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
LTW – Eat 200 GC Sammiches

*headdesk* I’ve never gotten this LTW accomplished…

Thankfully Caplan still thinks she’s pretty hot. So I’m happy to say she’s still a keeper.

Caplan: Emma, we need to talk.
Emma: No we don’t.
Caplan: Em… come on… its me. Talk to me, what’s going on?
Emma: Don’t get in my way, Cap. Brother or not, you can’t win.
I’ve created a monster…

Caplan: Roo…
Caplan: What did you do to Em?
Me? Nothing… *grins* Okay she’s no longer neutral, she’s evil. Don’t you just love her?
Caplan: Yes, yes I do… change her back.
Nope! She likes who she is. You want her to be happy don’t you?

So this brings us to the end of their freshman year, now we move them all to the Greek House. *tilts head* Uh… Alana… what gives?
Alana: They’re all very nice… but they look at me funny.
They want to do naughty things to you.
Alana: I’m a good witch! Why would they want to hurt me?
Ah sweet na├»ve Alana. Not bad things, just… naughty…
Alana: Oh. Should I let them?
*blinks* No. Time to move you out of the dorm.
Alana: Okay.

There you are… erm, Amar when you’re done its time to call the new crew in.
Amar: I’m doomed to townie status again. *sighs*
Uh… ya… looks like it.
Amar: I could have been good for Emma. We’re both family… we have 2 bolts…
Yes, that is very true. Unfortunately Derek is 3 bolts. So he won.
Amar: That third bolt wont last.
Oh? Do you know something I don’t?
Amar: He’s a knowledge sim. How long can he hold out before he becomes too athletic?
*blinks* Good point…
Amar: When it happens… don’t forget me.

Amar: Hey Caplan… ya its time. I’ll be here… for now.
Oh the self pity is just annoying… really.
Amar: Nah, its okay. At least this way, I stay young forever… right?
That is a good point. Glad you’re taking this so well. Much better than last time.

And the gang has arrived. Naturally, I was too quick to get these guys to move in. Thankfully I had one more to move in when I remembered their books and cauldrons. Once I had all 5 safely moved in, I sent Amar back to his townie goodness.

Something happened during their sophomore year that I hadn’t expected. Emma’s aspiration was running to red. She was prompted to date her beau Derek. *blinks* Anyway, she had a rather… unexpected want. Sorry Emma, that is not gonna happen. If you fall in love with anyone else besides Derek, it wont be him… from ugh to uglier. Sheesh! That is also when I noticed Amar was right… Derek is no longer holding his 3 bolts. They’ve dropped to 2.

Caplan: Hey! What gives?
Don’t fight it. It’s a good thing. Just go with it.
Caplan: You’re enjoying this…
*snickers* Yes. The faces you make are priceless.
Caplan: Oh hey… not so tight, Love.
*laughs* Oh, now you’re enjoying yourself.
Caplan: I’m a knowledge sim. I enjoy learning new things, new… experiences…

Caplan: Amar?
Yes, he’s originally a blazer boy. I had your uncle Gavin bring him in to the GH to be a placeholder.
Caplan: So he stays in college forever?
Or until I find him a wife and let him graduate.
Caplan: Who will take over if that happens?
That bowl headed guy, John. He’s cute if he got a hair cut.
Caplan: What about the chicks? That Maura is a looker.
Mmhmm… only she is in to girls. You can blame your aunties for that.
Caplan: Really? That’s kinda hot.
*pokes him*
Caplan: *laughs and rubs his chest* I’m just sayin’…

A few important things happened this last semester that you’ll find out just how much I am not keeping score… regardless as to what Meadow thinks.
The boys took off to class, I had Emma call Amar over, it was getting close to time for him to move back in…

This is how she greeted him, much to my delight. No sooner did she greet him, ACR kicked in to high gear. The meandered to the hot tub where ‘nature’ took over… by ‘nature’ I mean ACR. She fell in lovehe fell in love

I then yoinked them out of the hot tub and made her chose who she was getting engaged to. It was time for her to decided, one way or another, she would be engaged by the end of the night. Much to my surprise she had a want to be engaged with one of them. She’s never had that want before so we acted on it. She is now officially engaged.

Caplan: Where’s Derek off to?
Back to townie status… only this time as a young adult.
Caplan: I thought…
Ya well, your sister changed her mind. Don’t make a big deal out of this okay?
Caplan: Okay… so what happens to him?
You invite him back your senior year to be the new GH placeholder.
Caplan: Harsh.
Caplan: Remind me not to piss you off.
Oh now you learn?
Caplan: I’ve seen what you’ve done to him… the bees… the poison ivyfixing electronics
First off, his mechanics is maxed, second he wanted to hike and tinker
Caplan: His OTH is nature…

*stares over his shoulder* Are you done yet?
Amar: This will not go any faster with you staring over my shoulder…
Maybe not, but you need to catch up to them. You’re gonna have to buckle down. You have less than a semester to catch up to them.
Amar: I have to do 3 semesters in one?
Do you want to switch places with Derek again?
Amar: Hush woman, I have work to do.

Amar LawsonCancer
Aspiration – Family
6 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 6 nice
LTWBecome Captain Hero

Ack. Their last final and this greets them as they’re exiting the building. *sighs* Thankfully only one stopped… at first… As soon as Alana calmed down, Katherine started, Caplan not wanting her to feel awkward for freaking about a fire already out joined her. For cripes sakes go to your finals! *headdesk* Thankfully, this round in uni is finally over.

End week accomplishments: Alana joined the SS, the GH and wrote a great novel; Caplan joined the SS, the GH, got engaged and got a plaque in sports; Emma joined the SS, the GH, got engaged and got a plaque in sports; Katherine joined the SS, the GH, got engaged, got big sim on campus, got a gold in gardening and a plaque in nature; Amar was saved from redundant towniedom and Derek became the GH placeholder.
Points: 6 points
On-going subtotal: 84 points

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 08 Ramos Family

Last Week: Luis reached TOC in intelligence, and achieved his LTW, reached full Lifetime Aspiration; Meadow reached TOC in education and got a job in the artist field; Miranda reached TOC in both culinary and dance, got #23 simultaneous loves towards her IW and sold a fab tell most novel; Caplan transitioned to teen, reached TOC becoming an over achiever, and got abducted; Emma transitioned to teen and Tiago transitioned to toddler.

I realize something about my game play. When it comes to romance sims, I’m pretty darn good at getting them their loves. Providing there is nothing going on to distract me. Think about it, last week Miranda made it to 23. Seriously? I only got her 3, count them, 3 loves in a week. That wont do. They have enough money now, Miranda gets her own conquest shop.

Andrew’s passing does not go unnoticed in this house either. *takes a steadying breath* Thanks Andrew.

What? Wait, what is this? Caplan wants to get in to private school? Why aren’t they already in… never mind it doesn’t matter. That is doable, we’ll take care of that soon.
Calpan: Really? Its about time.
Again with the attitude. *pokes Caplan*
Caplan: *rubs his chest* Ow, hey!

So we called the headmaster. The only one not home was Luis, no big really. We didn’t need him to be home.

Sadly, Caplan had even less luck speaking with the headmaster than Gavin did. At least Gavin never childishly put his fingers in his ears doing the ‘lalala, I can’t hear you” trick.
Caplan: The man is an idiot.
Possibly, yet you still need him in order to attend that private school you so desperately want to go to. So I sent Meadow in to talk to him, still didn’t help matters. She then proceeded to show him around.

Miranda is the best cook in the house, so I sent her off to make the grub while Meadow did the tour.
Miranda: Pork chops are easy, hardly a challenge.
Fine, because Meadow is done giving the tour and he has yet to be impressed with any conversation to date. Go talk to BJ.
Miranda: My pleasure.
And it was, oddly enough. I panicked and stopped the conversation prematurely though, apparently it doesn’t help much when you do such things.

In the end they managed to eek by.
Miranda: You probably should have waited until Tiago was old enough to attend school. You’ll have to do this again.
Yes, well… I didn’t think about it until much later. *shrugs*

Emma is a family sim that wants to fall in love and have her first kiss. Well bully for you, that date last week was a fiasco and we aren’t forking over lots money again.
Emma: *checks herself out in the mirror* I need to have a husband so I can give my mom the grandchildren she needs.
I realize that, its just you have very… odd… likes/dislikes. I mean fit without being athletic? That is a tough one.

Emma: Not really. The paper boy is dreamy!
Derek? Ooooooh … well… no. You can’t have him. I wont have it. Nope. I don’t think so, sorry.
Emma: *heart farts* He’s so hawt!
*blinks* No he isn’t… okay he’s cute now but that profile becomes very prominent when he ages to adult.
Emma: He’s so cute…
You’re pretty danged annoying. Fine. Say hi to him and you can call him after school. Now go. Shoo!
Emma: *squeals* Thanks, Roo!

That night we find out why Emma keeps heart farting over Derek. Three bolts, that is impressive.
Emma: Can I keep him? Puhleeeeze?
Not at this rate. Step it up. You need to best friends in order to take him with you to college.
Emma: No problem!
And she was right… it wasn’t, not only did they become best friends, she got her first kiss and he fell madly in love with her. She should have been a romance sim, the girl has talent.
Emma: Oh ew! I want a family! I want a husband and kids, no romance stuff.
Just remember you only get three kids, four tops.
Emma: But!
Say good-bye to Derek.
Emma: No! Okay, four kids.

It’s Tiago’s turn to transition. Thankfully he is a rather self sufficient adorable toddler. Usually I’m not a big fan of the infant/toddler stage. Yes, I realize I’m not ‘normal’. Then again, ‘normal’ is rather subjective.

Tiago is still a handsome little guy. I look forward to seeing how well he grows up. Shame he wont be breeding.
Tiago: What?
Breeding. As in you will never have kids.
Tiago: Why?
Because you were an unplanned child, I only need Caplan and Emma to have kids.
Tiago: Yes, but I’m better looking than Caplan.
Possibly, yet irrelevant.
Tiago: Where do babies come from?
From woohoo. You get a girl pregnant and she has a baby.
Tiago: Hmmm… girls are icky. Maybe not having kids is a good thing.

Right about now I realized I had forgotten something.
Caplan: Finally! I was wondering when you’d get around to me.
What? Oh no, I’m not talking about you. I realized I hadn’t had Miranda turn Emma in to a witch yet.
Emma: Not everything is about you, Cap.

Alright Caplan, now we’re talking about you. Or more accurately, Katherine.
Caplan: She’s cute.
She will give you pretty babies.
Caplan: Woohoo? Now you’re talking.
Check the hormones Casanova. Be glad you got your first kiss.

There is a problem with Katherine though. When I had Caplan ask her on a date, I noticed something was missing… her aspiration. Turns out Katherine is one confused young lady. She thinks she still needs to grow up. Let’s hope she grows out of this.
Caplan: Well I don’t have to settle for this chick. There will be plenty of girls in college.
She may be only one bolt now, but it can change once she has an aspiration.
Caplan: *raises an eyebrow* Or I could lose the one bolt I have with her now.
It’s a risk I am willing to take. She’s cute. End of discussion. I had both of the kids call in their scholarships before I packed them off to college.

Now, about Miranda… I had her buy the smallest lot and sent her on her way, she wasted no time and started calling and summoning. Ready?

Miranda: Ding!
Miranda, I told you this is not WoW.
Miranda: Oh I know, but it gets your attention quickly.
True, what do you want?
Miranda: I got another LTW.
Ah, congrats. Shame you only get points for the first one… lets continue shall we?

Miranda: Ding!
Yup, we did it. Thirty simultaneous lovers. So… now we have a conquest shop… for nothing… I guess we just hold on to it for the next romance sim in the family.

End week accomplishments: Luis got a gold badge in robotics and earned his plaque in tinkering; Meadow reached TOC in artist; Miranda reached top of her lifetime aspiration, her IW of 30 simultaneous lovers, LTW of woohoo 20 different sims and reached the top of her social reputation; Caplan grabbed his scholarships and moved to college; Emma grabbed her scholarships, became a witch and moved to college; Tiago transitioned to child.
Points: 8 points
On-going subtotal: 78 points

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Week 08 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: Andrew did Andrew type things… Ashley turned Alana in to a witch, then promptly wanted to cure her as did everyone else in the house with the exception of Alana… Gavin reached his second TOC, Olivia reached her second TOC, reached platinum lifetime aspiration and got a silver in sewing, Alana transitioned to teen, reached TOC of athletics, got a bronze in gardening, silver in fishing and became an over achiever, Zeke and Brielle transitioned to children.

We have a lot of ground to cover folks so lets hit the ground running… ready?
As you may remember, Gavin was missing last week.
Gavin: I was not missing… I was just invisible.
We had this conversation already.
Gavin: I thought it sounded familiar.
The word you're looking for is… anyway… o.O

Thanks to ASimWen's advice, Gavin is no longer invisible. It's good to see you again, Gavin.
Gavin: Thanks.

The twins are about ready to transition so we'll just do that now.
Gavin: They aren't twins actually…
I realize that but they will be the same age when they go to college together next week. It's a weird simmy thing, don't worry.

Okay sport, spin a good one for me. Really? Are you sure? You uh.. don't want a mulligan?
Zeke: No thanks.
*sighs* The dice hate me.

Zeke FitzgeraldPisces
6 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
LTWBecome Cult Leader

Okay Brielle, spin better than your brother.
Brielle: Me?
Cha do you see another girl in this house, ready to transition, named Brielle?
Brielle: *ponders* No…
Then its you.
Brielle: oh me!
*rubs her temples*

Brielle Fitzgerald Aries
Aspiration – Popularity
10 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful, 1 nice
LTWBecome Media Magnate

The butler finally did something useful. While Gavin was busy lecturing Ashley about breaking the television, he promptly fixed the thing. I allowed him to live for another week.

The kids skilled for college.

Called in scholarships.
Gavin: Oh hey, There's Dad.
Gavin: You haven't mentioned him yet.
Gavin: Roo…

I'll show them pictures of you in your work uniform…
Gavin: There's nothing wrong with my uniform…
*bites her lip* No, nothing at all…
Gavin: You're drooling.
Am not.
Gavin: *chuckles* Just checking.

Alana called in her scholarships and headed to college. For someone who did well, she doesn't look too happy.
Gavin: Of course not. That was after…
Gavin: You can't avoid it.
I don't care.
Gavin: Roo…

I decided to buy Ashley a shop. I was bored.
Gavin: You were avoiding…
Who is telling this recap. Hush!
Ashley: Hush Gavin, I like this part… It's about me.

Seeing how she already had a few loves, I figure lets go for broke… erm… I mean… Lets see if we can get her to 30. Not a bad start. Ready?
Ashley: Yes, I like this part.

Well done Ashley.

Ashley was a good source of entertainment this week.
Ashley: I do what I can.
And I thank you for that.
Gavin: I think you've procrastinated long enough.

Not really, there is the abduction… I'm sure you're son would think it was significant enough to warrant a mention.
Gavin: You haven't mentioned Dad.
Don't push me Gavin. I was nice to you this week.

Gavin: That is true. You were nice to me several times this week. Now about my father…

He retired…

He often stayed in his pajamas the whole day, staring in the telescope at your neighbors…

Gavin: And you panicked when you saw this.
*winces* Yes.
Gavin: It helps to talk about it.
No. No it doesn't.

Gavin: You liked him.
I love him. He is such a good sport.
Gavin: Yes, he was.
He's handsome.
Gavin: He had a good life.
That is true.
Gavin: True to his word, he gave us inheritences.
*grins sadly* That's true, too. Gavin?
Gavin: Yes?
I miss Andrew.
Gavin: I know. We all do.

Fitzgerald, Andrew
Age 69
Andrew is survived by his children and grandchildren. He will be missed by many.

By the way… something weird is happening to my sims.
Ashley should be a good 7 days older, not to mention Gavin and Olivia should be the same age. *shrugs* Weird.

End week accomplishments: Andrew… *sighs* Andrew passed at age 69, leaving a platinum urn, was at top influence and benefited 14 sims… Ashley got a gold badge in sewing, a bronze in fishing, a plaque in A&C, and 13 simultaneous loves towards her IW… Gavin got a bronze badge in fishing… Olivia filled her lifetime aspiration, got a gold in sewing, a plaque in nature and bronze in fishing… Alana went to college… Zeke transitioned to teen, got a bronze badge in gardening, a plaque in Science and got abducted and Brielle transitioned to teen and got a bronze badge in fishing.
Points: 5 points
On-going subtotal: 70 points

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