Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 09 Ramos Family

You’re back? Hmm… interesting… okay so lets see how the Ramos family is doing…

Last Week: Luis got a gold badge in robotics and earned his plaque in tinkering; Meadow reached TOC in artist; Miranda reached top of her lifetime aspiration, her IW of 30 simultaneous lovers, LTW of woohoo 20 different sims and reached the top of her social reputation; Caplan grabbed his scholarships and moved to college; Emma grabbed her scholarships, became a witch and moved to college; Tiago transitioned to child.

Three adults who have nothing to do and a child… Thankfully that child should transition to a teen. Maybe he will roll something interesting… oh who am I kidding? Maybe he won’t roll something too boring! *grumbles about happy simmies*
Caplan: What’s wrong with happy sims?
Hey! You’re not supposed to be here… yet.
Caplan: Ya well you’re taking too long to get to us, I came to see what the hold up is.

I noticed a missing something… it was a recolor that apparently didn’t make the move. No big, sell and rebuy. Easy, peasy. Oh that’s the bus. Where is that kid?
Caplan: Out in the garden.
Caplan, go back to school. I’ll be there soon.

Hmm, that’s right. Last time I got the twins in to private school before Tiago was ready for school. I suppose that is something I can do this week. Thankfully Miranda has a good relationship with the headmaster. *tilts head* It amuses me how the kids will pause for their ‘Gump’ moment before entering the bus.

Another thing I noticed (as Miranda was given her plaque for culinary) is the cauldron sitting there. It is obviously not Miranda’s. So I have her call Emma over to give it to her. *debates inviting Amar over*
Caplan: Emma’s going home? Then I’m coming too.
Fine, fine… bring that woman of yours too. I don’t think she’s actually met the ‘rents yet.

The kids are here. What I find funny is that they simply walked in as if they still lived here. Katherine came along to meet her future family and for reasons unknown Amar chose not to join them. *shrugs* I invited him, he just didn’t show up.

Miranda went to give Emma a few gifts as well as her cauldron, but I found another problem. I found I had to spam click the ‘more’ button before it would eventually change to the extra options. It thankfully did eventually change.
Miranda: Is that what took you so long? I thought you had changed your mind.
Nope, just another ‘lovely’ glitch.
Miranda: Did you remember to patch your game?

Another oddity is they still break in to a smustle in the front yard. While I realize they had been doing that before the move, this time random walkers will start and then assume they’re welcome to walk in to the house.
Miranda: If I didn’t already have my 30 simultaneous lovers, that could be potentially dangerous.
True, but as you said, you already have it so, meh. *shrugs* Its only annoying, not dangerous.

One bonus I realized during their visit. Luis’ secondary asp is GC so it will help having Katherine around to talk GC with! Yay! Plus they’ll both be wandering around stuffing their faces with sammiches. Good thing they have witches in the house to keep them from being tubby simmies. I also noticed like father like son… *yawns*
Luis: There’s nothing wrong with romance.
*rolls eyes*

Okay… I’m bored… really… how much of this happy simmy life can I stand? Skill, help the boy skill. Make friends, keep friends, keep them from- Ack! Get out of … no chimes. Whew. Although I have to say I love the GC paintings option.

Tiago: It’s time.
Ah so it is… make a wish, blow out the candles, spin and roll something interesting.
Tiago: I wish… I wish… I wish I could meet my father.
*blinks* Oh uh… No. Make a different wish.
Tiago: Nope, too late. That’s my wish.
You can’t have that wish, Tiago.
Tiago: What? Why not? Mommy?
Miranda: Sorry, Baby. Your father passed away.
So you wanna different wish?
Tiago: I dunno, I’ll get back to you.

So with Tiago, two others transition to teen hood. I may regret it but for now, I’m happy with it. Lets see what did you roll… really? Hmm… and your LTW? *blinks* We can re-roll your LTW yanno.
Tiago: Nah.
Well poopies.

Tiago Ramos – Aries
10 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 0 playful, 1 nice
LTWBecome Rock God

Luis: Tiago your life is ahead of you. You have a little while before you go to college, maybe during that time you’ll consider changing your aspiration, finding a lovely wife and settle down giving your mother many grandchildren to carry on the Ramos name.
Tiago: Or maybe not.
Luis: Or maybe so.
Tiago: Or maybe not.
Luis: Don’t be too hasty, just give it some thought.

As I mentioned earlier, I had Miranda invite the headmaster over for a visit. She greeted him warmly as dear friends would. Only to bore him in to best friend status, to be followed by a typical Miranda ending
Miranda: I didn’t mean to.
There is no shame in being that appealing. Although there is no benefit to having more than 30 simultaneous lovers.
Miranda: On the other hand, Tiago will be accepted to private school with out question.
Not really… only because I didn’t have you woohoo him in a hot tub.
Miranda: Maybe for next time.

Tiago is very cute in his uniform.
Luis: Naturally, he is a Ramos. He really should have children to carry on the family name.
*ignores Luis* The rest of the week he carried on in a familiar get to know peeps on the phone kind of way.

That is until Saturday.
Miranda: What did you do to my son?
I let him have his first date. It went very well actually. He got his first kiss and naturally she fell head over heels for him.
Miranda: Oh well he is my boy… I had no doubts.

When he started to schmooze this next chickie is when I realized he could use that store that is being neglected. So I had Miranda hand it down to her son.
Miranda: I’m very proud of my son.
As well you should be.
Miranda: He reminds me of his father.
Yes, which is the only reason I am contemplating his future…
Miranda: I miss Andrew, too.

Late Sunday while I waited for the week to end, I got one last surprise visit. No, not by aliens which would have been nice… This visit was from that Traveler girl. She left a pressie, she was very pleased with their date apparently.

End week accomplishments: Luis managed not to get Meadow pregnant, yet not for a lack of trying; Miranda maxed her skills, plaque in culinary and was hit by lightening; Tiago transitioned to teen, got his first kiss, first love and in to private school.
Points: 0 points
On-going subtotal: 90 points

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Week 09 Fitzgerald Family

Simmer’s Note: Welcome back to FO! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, you can blame it on my new computer, TS3, WoW and LOTRO. Yes, distractions… many distractions, ultimately it is my fault. I was lured away with the shiny that is TS3. Three months later I have found my way back to my darling TS2 simmies. Let’s see if they’ve survived, shall we?

Last Week: Uh… *ponders* Oh, I know… *glances back at their last week’s update* Ack! Oh ya… well no wonder I blocked that from my memory…
Andrew passed away, I liked him bunches… Ashley did some stuff as well as got herself 13 simultaneous loves towards her IW… Gavin was utterly boring… Olivia filled her lifetime aspiration and did other mundane things… Alana went to college… Zeke transitioned to teen, blah blah and got abducted and Brielle transitioned to teen. Well that is all that is worth remembering anyhow.

*holds breath and enters home*

Well they look okay. I guess I should let the pause button go and see if they act the same. I mean… the important thing isn’t just their looks… although… gosh I forgot how cute my simmies are. While Franklin and Eddie are darn shmexy, they have nothing on Gavin here.
Gavin: Who is Franklin and Eddie? And where the frell have you been?
*points to excuses above* I’ve been busy.
Gavin: You… you left us for TS3? You said you wouldn’t get TS3. You said it would never replace us and now you’re telling me-
Whoa, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m back. Its all good, now see if you can move and act normal.
Gavin: I can move. I’m not sure what ‘normal’ is in your mind, but I think we’re fine.
Olivia: Look! I caught a fish! Wow, he was a tough one. Took me three months to reel him in.
Gavin: Ya, we’re still ‘normal’.

Now it would seem I have a ‘different’ issue. Nothing new right, I mean, what is a FO update with out me having yet another issue of sorts. This time its missing photos. I can’t even blame a glitch by Maxis. Apparently when I moved the hood to my new computer I somehow did not move photos. Why? Beats me! It was three months ago that I got this computer so your guess is as good as mine.
Gavin: You were here for half of the week, Roo. You mean you have no idea what we did Monday through Thursday?
Yes, that is what I’m saying. From looking at your memories, no one did anything significant anyhow.
Gavin: First TS3, now missing pictures. Next thing you’ll be telling me you have a new legacy and we’re going to be neglected again.
Gavin: You did! Is that who this Franklin and Eddie are? Oh that’s it. Where is my wife?

Hey now, hold on you two. Its nice that after all this time you’re still very much in love. Trouble is, Olivia is still young enough to get preggers.
Gavin: Exactly. It would serve you right if she were to get pregnant again.
*blinks* Snippy much? You do realize you have a very convenient killing creature out in your yard. *glances* Who is hungry right now… *points to cake*
Gavin: You wouldn’t.
Wouldn’t I?

Seeing how I may just kill Gavin for mouthing off I’ve decided to ignore him for a bit. As Ashley went out to meet the walk by, Zeke came out to meet his future.
Zeke: I did?
Yes, look the other way. You can smell the flowers later. *makes mental note to look for the mod to stop the flower smelling*

Zeke: Male or Female? *blinks* Female! And make her a good one. She has to join the family and give me an heir and a spare.
This isn’t a legacy house. One kid will suffice… but yes, you need a female to reproduce.
Zeke: That crystal ball sure does sparkle. Now you’re sure you checked the ACR and disabled the adult/teen interaction?
Yes, I checked and double checked. So lets see what this woman can do.
Zeke: Uh… Roo… that doesn’t look like a teen.
D’oh! *headdesk*

No, she is not a teen and she’s walking away. Catch her Zeke, send her home.
Zeke: She was nice.
Maybe… so the Gypsy is still here. Want to try again?
Zeke: Meh sure, its only simoleans.

*double checks settings again* Okay it really is disabled. this ‘should’ work.
Zeke: She’s uh… ya that didn’t work either.
Well crap. Sorry kiddo. Third time’s the charm?
Zeke: Um… nah that’s cool. Hey, Roo?
Zeke: Can she hang around for a while? She’s beautiful. There’s something about her
Sure, Sport.

Zeke: Wow…
*blinks* Did she kiss you good-bye?
Zeke: *grins* Yes. Can I marry her?
Sure, saves me from having to send another one through college.
Zeke: College! Yes! Roo, it’s time.
*laughs* Slow down them hormones, Sport. You’ll go soon. I promise.

Gavin: A love letter… *sniffs* Mmmm, smells good. She still loves me.
Hate to burst your bubble champ, but that card belongs to your son.
Gavin: *laughs* My son? Zeke? *laughs* He’s a sweet innocent boy. You’re wrong, Roo. Maybe its for Ashley.
*smirks* Ya sure, whatever you say.

*grins* So what’s with the sudden interest with your hygiene?
Zeke:*grins* Like you have to ask?
Nah. She will make you a fine wife. So the weekend is almost here. You and Brielle go to college. You have one point left to max your skills… what am I going to do with you?
Zeke:*shrugs* I don’t know. You’ll think of something. I have faith.
*blinks* Ya no pressure… thanks a lot…

So the kids are prepared for college. Really there wasn’t much left for Zeke to do so I let him do… whatever. Now I used to love the concept of eggplant juice. Now? *sighs* Well their maxing of skills is just too easy. So from now on I’m selling all the eggplants. We have plenty of them in the juicer so I think we’re okay for now.

*sighs* I forgot. I let the boy cook because he was hungry. I should have had him grab leftovers… this isn’t TS3, these guys cook each time they’re hungry instead of grabbing leftovers on their own. Anyhow, he managed to get his last skill thanks to my oversight. Seriously… what am I to do with a boy that already has all his skills maxed, has his wife picked out for him and is heading to college? *boggles*

In the meantime, Brielle still had a couple of scholarships to work on. Including this one… I admit I really didn’t expect her to get taken so quickly. Had I known they were this ready for a pick up, I would have sent Gavin.
Gavin: Hey now!
Sadly something really is going on with my photos disappearing. I remember taking pictures of her clueless family. While Brielle here was busy getting abducted, her parents were making out in the den and her brother… ya I don’t remember what it was that Zeke was doing. Not one of them stopped to watch her be taken.
Gavin: We’ve been through it before with Dad and Zeke. We knew she would be back.

Sure enough, as soon as she was coming home they all ran outside to welcome her.

*smiles* I forgot how much I enjoyed abductions. I hope they eventually come to TS3.

I find it ironic as all heck that the only one to be concerned for her was the knowledge sim. *ponders* Do you think he was remembering what they did to him on his trip?

While their daughter was hurled from the floating spaceship to land brutally on the pavement below, they cheered and carried on.
Gavin: What’s wrong with encouraging our daughter? She just had the experience of a lifetime!
Oh really? Your daughter wasn’t too pleased.
Gavin: She’s young, she’ll bounce back.

Gavin: I have this sudden uncontrollable urge to look through the telescope.

One last thing… the butler earned the right to live another week. He’s still testing my patience causing me to send him home twice… but he sure is handy to have around. Sometimes.

Brielle: Do these pants make my butt look big?
*blinks* No, your butt does.
Brielle: My butt makes my butt look big?
You know… you make my head hurt.
Brielle: Do you think the aliens made my butt bigger?

End week accomplishments: Ashley… Gavin… Olivia… *blinks* Ashley filled her lifetime aspiration, Olivia wrote a novel, quit her job. Other than that the three of them didn’t do much. Zeke chose his future wife, maxed his skills for his IW, grabbed his scholarships, got a plaque in nature and headed to college; Brielle grabbed her scholarships and went to college.
Points: 6 points
On-going subtotal: 90 points

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