Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week 07 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: Gavin reached his LTW and first TOC in Intelligence and his IW of §100k, Ashley received a plaque for culinary and maxed out her lifetime aspiration, Alana transitioned to child, Zeke transitioned to toddler and Brielle was born.

This family is always very busy. As much as I enjoy having things to do, their house is so full it tends to run sluggishly at first. I think I just need a new computer. Anyhow, lets get this family though another week.

As the crew ages, I decided to prepare the basement for the mausoleum. Nice work guys, keep it up.
Andrew: I don’t know why you bother. You wont allow me to age.
I don’t know what you’re talking about… *fidgets*
Andrew: Nice try. You know darn well you had me use the last wish for long life.
Ya well… I have plans for you.
Andrew: You have… hmmm…
Andrew: I suddenly got nervous.

Ack! *pokes Ashley* What are you talking about? No, no one is having another baby.
Ashley: *rubs her side* Relax, we’re discussing her current children.
Whew, okay. Just don’t go having any ideas.

This boy is just so sweet. Seriously. He gives me toothaches.

Alright Sport, lets transition. *blinks* Pink? Really? You have other pajamas you can change in to, but we’ll do that in the morning. Go ahead and sleep in that nasty get up for now.
Zeke: I like my jammies.
Don’t be so metro, it’s the style I hate more than the pink. Now go on. You’re about to pass out where you stand.
Zeke: Mkay, ni ni!
*grins* I told you the boy is a sweetie.

Ashley! Don’t get soft on me.
Ashley: Relax, I just love my nieces and nephew.
This is the first time you’ve tucked any of them in. Are you sure you’re not getting weird maternal cravings?
Ashley: Ugh, no. I don’t want children.

Alana and Zeke are getting along famously. I’m really trying to keep peace between my simmies. I want everyone to get along… well mostly with Grandpa.
Andrew: How can I give anyone an inheritance if you don’t let me go?
What is your fascination with death?!
Andrew: I’ve lived my life, Roo. You really need to let me go.
*pouts* Eventually…

Brielle has a birthday too. Andrew helped her transition. She’s a cutie… more pink… *sighs*

I still want to beat the butler. A fire broke out in the kitchen… why? He put poptarts in the oven. Then walked away and made cereal. Where was he when all this transpired? Out in the back still serving the cocoa puffs.

What’s more is no one is ever hungry. They drink eggplant juice if they need sustenance and he insists on cooking… often… *sighs* There are lots of leftovers in the fridge.

As I’ve mentioned on the yahoo board, Gavin is ‘missing’.
Gavin: *sighs* I’m not missing…
Gavin, we can’t see you. You’re invisible.
Gavin: See? I’m not missing… I’m just invisible.
Don’t get technical on me. While some animations are fun to watch him do while invisible, I miss seeing our guy. So I am going to take Phoenix’s advice and send him downtown… later, right now its Brielle’s birthday, followed by Alana.

Okay Brielle, spin for us… hopefully out of pink. O.o
Brielle: I like pink.
Too bad! Your daddy made you an outfit. Ah, much better. Now its your sister’s turn.

Alana FitzgeraldAries
10 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful, 1 nice
LTW – Become a Space Pirate

Seeing how our girl is a fortune sim, I got her an afternoon job… which she got TOC her first day at work.

I also got them in to private school… which I managed to forget pictures of…
Gavin: *clears his throat*
Gavin: I went through all that work… again… invisible… and you forgot pictures…
Gavin: *facepalm* Unbelievable…
*shrugs* Get over it.

End week accomplishments: Andrew… did whatever Andrew does… Ashley turned Alana in to a witch (much to Gavin’s displeasure), Gavin reached his second TOC, Olivia reached her second TOC, reached platinum lifetime aspiration and got a silver in sewing, Alana transitioned to teen, reached TOC of athletics, got a bronze in gardening, silver in fishing and became an over achiever, Zeke and Brielle transitioned to children.
Points: 5 points
On-going subtotal: 57 points

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 06 University

Last Week:
Miranda joined the SS & GH, has ten consecutive loves towards her LTW and has become BSOC

Okay the plan is to finish up her LTW before she takes her last Junior final. Can we do it? Lets take a look at her friends or more accurately her potential loves…

Hmmm… this is going to be a bit of work. No problem. Let's get started shall we?

This guy was kind enough to walked by the house. You may have noticed him in Andrew's conquest picture.

What's this? Was our girl shot down? Say it aint so! *smirks*
Miranda: I think I came on a bit strong for her. She's very shy.
So you moved on to someone else?
Miranda: Heck no. I just smoothed things over and she saw things my way… eventually.
Miranda: Determined.
*tear* I'm so proud.
Miranda: *laughs* Uh… okay…

I realized I was running out of time. I have her next love primed and ready to go but I have six hours until the final… Yes, that is when I looked closer realizing my mistake. I have six hours until her FIRST final. I have a whole semester to go! Sweet, I've got it made. Speaking of made hurry up with the reagents, we have some more simmies to summon!

Lexie here was another walk by. She had a friend call the very next night to invite our girl downtown for an outing… hmmm… sure why not.

So we go downtown and meet six more potentials… naturally we don't need them, but I figure why not meet them just in case.

We did it! Meet Prof Geoffrey Lajoie aka #20. No sooner did we get congratulated on her fulfilling her current LTW, she rolls up her impossible want.

A quick check on her new LTW and we have a job. Great, jump on the computer so we can adjust your major accordingly. *squints* Is that the guy who called you for the outing?
Miranda: *looks around* Where?
Out there, creeping up to the house.
Miranda: I am a witch. I can't see through walls.
Ah, right. You stay here and entertain #20 and I'll keep an eye on your new friend.

*watches quietly* Ooooh a pressie! A nice new stereo. Well lets just pack that up in the backpack and sell it when we get her home.

Senior year went by rather quietly compared to her first three years.

Your last final Miranda. Make us proud.
Miranda: I dated my professors. They're both madly in love with me. Do you really think I'll fail?
Miranda: Trust me.

Finals over we invite Amar back to watch over the house. He decides he wants to bring a friend. Naturally we say yes to any friend and potential conquest. Who does he bring? Her brother-in-law.
Miranda: I forgot how cute he is.
It doesn't bother you that he's married to your sister?
Miranda: Of course not. Should it?
Of course not.

End week accomplishments:

Miranda Ramos
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Big Sim on Campus
Gold Badge: Gardening
Plaque: Gaming

Points: 2 point
On-going subtotal: 52 points

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 06 Ramos Family

Last Week: Miranda headed off to college, Luis got a job in gaming, a gold badge in gardening and married Meadow, Meadow gave birth to Caplan our redheaded heir, got a job in education, a gold badge in sewing, a plaque for A&C and got pregnant again, Caplan transitioned to toddler. *yawns*

So here we are, back at the boring house of the neighborhood… what? Oh ya ignore the baby… I didn’t take a picture when I first entered the house… well its not as if we didn’t know she was preggers. See up there ^ it specifically says ‘got pregnant again’… its not my fault if you didn’t remember this little detail.

Oh look, its Caplan… he’s playing… *yawns* Sorry kiddo, its not your fault I’m bored. Its this house. There just isnt much going on. Everyone skills, gardens, sews, eats, sleeps, woohoos (the parents obviously), rinse repeat. Of course I can say thankfully that it is fall time for them so with the help of smart milk and fall time, Caplan has already maxed his mechanical and started on his creativity.
I also made sure Meadow’s snap dragons were only strategically placed for her benefit. This guy needs to potty train so the last thing I want is for him to keep his needs up until afterward training is complete.

Hmmm… if it wasn’t for her waddle, you wouldn’t even know she’s pregnant.
Meadow: That’s your doing. You forgot to download the pregnancy meshes to go with Squinge’s wear anything, thingie…
Are you complaining?
Meadow: No, but you commented and I don’t want to be blamed for my lack of a baby bump.
Point taken, problem is… I don’t remember when you’re due… have you had one bump or two already… o.O oh right ‘now’ you don’t hear me…

Meadow: Shoo flee!
Typical sim, she goes in to labor in the bathroom moments after Luis left for work. Apparently it was her 2nd bump. Okay Meadow, your last chance at a girl. Breathe and spin!

Well? What is it?
Meadow: It’s a baby! Hello my baby, hello precious…
*pokes Meadow*
Meadow: Hey! That hurts… you got your girl… happy?
Why yes I am! *does her happy dance* Oh! In the hall, go, go… I got you something and I can’t wait to see it in action!

Meadow: Well now, for someone who doesn’t like pink…
Don’t finish that thought Meadow, you can always call a nanny and then live in the basement with Agatha.
Meadow: Here you go, Emma. You look like such a big girl sitting in your swing.
Ha, I love this thing! Next baby, I’m gonna try out the floor mat thingie.
Meadow: I can have another baby?
Pfft no… I’m talking about next generation.
Meadow: *pouts*

Hey Caplan, where are you off to?
Caplan: I go up.
*looks up* You cant crawl on stairs nor do you even have a second story… *blinks* wait, is it time for you to ‘grow’ up?
Caplan: Yay me, I go up!
Alright sport, are you ready?

And there he goes… I am not too fond of this hair and I don’t know if I can wait until he transitions in to a teen to see what he’s going to end up with. *tilts head* You’re handsome, Caplan.
Caplan: Um… okay…
Don’t get weird on me… go… I dunno, garden or something.
Caplan: Ya, sure.
*sighs* He’s not even a teen and he’s already copping an attitude with me. *shakes fist*

*fast forward* Have I mentioned how boring this house is? Oh right… I did. So we’re going to fast forward a bit… Another redhead! Well done, Luis.
Luis: Thanks… does this mean I get to woohoo with Meadow again? You know she wants another baby…
Uh… no.
Luis: Aw, come on… you see how cute my kids are.
I’m not bored enough for more kids.

So with both parents working, we had to hire a nanny. One of the first things she did was take out the trash. Fine, but the trash can had been knocked over a long time ago. This family composts everything. She puts down the trash and uprights the can only to stand and stare as it rains on her… *tries to poke the nanny* Hello, McFly! Emma needs you… oh you better not get her taken away by the SW… you will suffer a slow painful death!

Finally as the bus comes to drop off Caplan, she decides to move. *grumbles about stinky trash and possible roaches and flu and* Argh!
Caplan: Aw man… I’ve got homework. This bites.
Caplan! Quit complaining, put your homework down on your desk, then compost this mess before we get icky bugs.
Caplan: Bugs are cool!
Not if they give you and your family the flu it aint.
Caplan: Can I stay home from school and not do my homework if I’m sick?
Don’t make me poke you…

Some where during the week Luis managed to get to the Top of the gaming career… unfortunately his ‘dream’ job was not available right away… I believe it was Friday night when it finally showed up because he went in for part of an evening and hasn’t been back to work since. By the way, this job has much better work clothes.

Someone had another birthday. *tilts her head* You look like that Marsha girl… that wont do. Lets see what we can do for you. Ah, much better… I sent your mom to the sewing machine to make you some clothes. That outfit is not up to par.

Emma, your outfit is done. See that stack of clothes on the floor?
Emma: Uh huh!
Stop jumping rope, put the clothes in the dresser, then plan your outfit. Okay?
Emma: I’m on it!
I love this kid, she runs every where. Roll a good aspiration for me and you will go far kiddo.

Luis… where are you going?
Luis: Nowhere, just to my room to ‘relax’.
Wait! You don’t want to do that…
Luis: Yes, I do… Roo, unpause so I can join my wife please…
But you’re so close to maxing all of your skills and you’re mighty hungry… why not treat yourself to some yummy eggplant juice?
Luis: You know… it’s the oddest thing… I suddenly have a strong urge to have some eggplant juice…
*grins* Nice job, Luis! You have reached your ‘IW’. Now aren’t you glad you drank that?
Luis: Why do I feel I’ve forgotten something…
Meadow: Luis?
*grins again and walks away*

This is when I realized something wasn’t quite right… I mean, sure Caplan and Emma are cute… and I like that they’re both redheads… but… something was eating at me. So I took a look at their stats for the first time and that’s when it dawned on me. I have 1st born syndrome in this house. Reckon it’s a good thing we aren’t having any more kids in the house… especially with that 1 nice point.

End week accomplishments: Luis reached TOC in gaming, got a job in intelligence, and achieved his IW, Meadow did nothing significant… oh gave birth… and she got a good chance card… wow that’s it? Caplan transitioned to child, Emma transitioned to child.
Points: 5 points
On-going subtotal: 50 points

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