Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 05 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: Andrew was promoted to lounge singer, abducted by lil green men and received a plaque in Science for his trouble; Ashley took a job in crime was promoted to cat burglar and has a gold badge in gardening

So the kids are all back home now. Gavin and Olivia will be married some time this week, they will have to start Gen 2 for me seeing how she wants 3 kids to graduate and I am determined to figure out where this darn invisible fire is!
1. I know it’s outside… I believe it is anyhow.
2. I think its one of the plants out front.
Now someone mentioned the bat box. I tried to force an error. Never did that before and it was odd watching everyone stop doing what they were doing and ‘hiccup’ … I waited with baited breath as the butler came walking to the house. He got to the mailbox and…

*waves* Hi Mitch, nice to see you again… apparently that didn’t solve my problem. I then picked up each and every plant and tree and bush and… I was totally off… it wasn’t even in the front yard. There it is… the culprit. I grab my nuke box and hold my breath and… success! It destroyed the invisible fire as well as the stuck plant and all is well with the lot again. Woot!

Ut oh… forcing the error with the bat box froze Pete. They treat him as if he’s still alive, yet he just sits there immobile like a stuffed taxidermy doll. I’m not chancing the luck of the box again. Olivia simply set him free and bought a new bird, Pete II.

So I invite the garden lady over again who still won’t give me an inspection… but at least it wasn’t because of a phantom fire. She thinks the garden isn’t even worth looking at. How would you know? You haven’t looked at it, you haven’t even stepped foot in the greenhouse. That woman is such a snob. I don’t like her. She’s lucky this isn’t Founders Folly or… *growls*

Gavin and Olivia need to get busy… literally… I need three spawn from them as well as two TOC’s each along with their LTW and possibly their IW… wait… no way is Olivia getting her IW!

While we wait for ‘nature’ to take its course, Gavin has taken a job in law and Olivia has taken one in athletics.
Gavin: *shoos roo* A little privacy…
*scoffs* As if that stopped you before?
Gavin: *laughs* Good point.

I can’t face this yet. I just don’t want to. I’m stubborn and in denial. *pauses game, stares and ponders* Okay I’m weak.

He now has 4 days until he’s an elder. *sighs* I just don’t know if I can let Andrew go. In just four short weeks he really has grown on me… and I don’t even know why.
Andrew: It’s my eyes…
Andrew: You love staring at my eyes.
Your son has your eyes… I don’t go around staring at him.
Andrew: You could start… that way you can let me go.

What is that sound? *perks* Olivia!

Oh, now that’s nasty! *claps and cheers* Yay, Gen 2 is cooking!
Olivia: I’m *urp* glad you’re happy.
Sarcasm noted… just remember ‘you’ are the one that wants three kids to graduate college.
Olivia: Is it *urp* too late to *urp* reroll my aspiration?
Hmmm… yup!
Olivia: *urp* boop

Wednesday, some how everyone has the day off, so the wedding date is set. Olivia has had her first bump, so she wont be ill during the ceremony… she’ll be tired, hungry, cranky and have to pee… hmmm…

Having a good witch around is quite beneficial. Having a pregnant woman becoming a good witch is even smarter… welcome to the coven, Olivia. *shoos Ashley outside to make another throne of light*

I’ve opted not to do my usual CP style wedding and keep this simple. I waited until after 1pm for school to be out and Olivia made the phone call… *sighs*

This is when I realized my mistakes. I am so out of practice! Everyone freeze where you are, I need to save and get this back on track. Ugh, I forgot to call this in as a wedding party so everyone showed up as is. Meaning the sweat suit couple showed in their sweats and Miranda in her acne… erm witchy poo outfit. Gavin did a lot of sewing in this house. Maybe I’ll get Meadow to do some over at the Ramos house… and I’m rambling and off track.

So let’s get this wedding started…

Romance is in the air… for others… my poor romance sim is slipping in her aspiration. We’ll take care of that in a minute.

First… cake! (Notice I ditched all the decorations already. I’m so cheap. They didn’t keep a thing.) Olivia cut the cake, took a slice and shoved it mercilessly in to Gavin’s face. Thankfully they both thought it was hilarious.

Now about our patient romance sim slipping farther in to the red… I had her call her current 3 bolt over for a quick date. They celebrated in their own way. Thanks for the aspiration save… erm… Matt? I think.

So much happened this week, lets see if I can speed this wrap up … erm… up.

Gavin reaches the top of his aspiration meter, marries Olivia who gives birth, reaches TOC and changes jobs; Ashley reaches two TOC, one is her LTW; Andrew reaches his second TOC which is his LTW, reaches his IW, full aspiration meter, gold badge in gardening and transitions.

Okay thanks for stopping bye!

Andrew: Wait that’s it… you’re not going to show pictures? You’re not going to show any odd pictures? Nothing? Anything?
Hmmm… I can show your fancy moves
Andrew: I think they’d rather meet my granddaughter.
Oh. Right. Uh… I can do that…

Introducing our first Gen 2 baby, Alana Fitzgerald.
Thankfully her Daddy made her a new dress. She wasn’t in the tux for very long.

Before I let you all go, I had to make a decision on Sunday. Olivia had reached her TOC, so I had her immediately run to the computer to look for a job. Gavin’s dream job was available… only Gavin was one promotion away from reaching his TOC in Law. Do I make him stay in Law to get that TOC or do I give him his dream job for his TOC/LTW? I buckled. I gave him his dream job… this is what he studied in college for… so lets just hope that once he hits that TOC/LTW he can easily find a law job or something else he is excelling in.

Odd Pics:

I knew witches were tricky… but how does one spy on themselves through a telescope?

Typical sim, Olivia goes in to labor in the bathroom… or more accurately, in the bathroom door.

End week accomplishments: Gavin reaches the top of his aspiration meter, changes jobs to Intelligence, marries Olivia who gives birth to Alana our first Gen 2 with baby #2 in the oven, reaches TOC and changes jobs to Oceanography; Ashley reaches two TOC, one is her LTW; Andrew reaches his second TOC which is his LTW, reaches his IW, fills his aspiration meter, gold badge in gardening and transitions to elder.
Points: 14 points!
On-going subtotal: 35 points

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Anonymous said...

whoa there's so much going on! I'm so glad you got rid of the fire, but that wasn't what was causing the problem with the garden inspection? I have that garden inspection glitch too. I wonder if it is caused by the two jeffs visitor controller interacting with something, do you use VC? I had to take it out of my game and I miss it, but the gypsy wouldn't come until I took it out. (I did check that she was allowed ;)

Nice update, I love the commentary and angst of playing!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

And the way you described in , it was almost as if nothing happened. This week was jam-packed! And Alana is so cute! You will eventually need to let Andrew go. Even though he might as well finish the bottle...

Anonymous said...

You had a busy week there!

I love it that Gavin can make his family's clothes!

I finally have a sim that can do that too!

Ndayeni said...

Good update. I like your writing style. Though I have to say that Ashley (?) the witch made me doubletake a bit because she looks almost identical to the sim I use for my avatar on Blogger.

Anjel76 said...

Wow! Lots going on in this update. It leaves one wondering where to begin! I guess the most obvious spot is to say WOOHOO for finding your invisible firez! What's that "nuke box" of which you speak? Sounds dangerous! Especially for poor Pete! :O}

Babez and witchez and outtakes, oh my! :O))

Kerry said...

Despite your problems with wedding set-up, Olivia looked really pretty (and realistic) in her wedding gown with her little baby bump. Cute!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Great update! RIP Pete, welcome Pete II. :)

ASimWen said...

Wonderful wonderful as always. :)

SK said...

I lol'd at taxidermied Pete. A lot. :')

ruby said...

@ Francesca - I don't have the two jeffs visitor controller, so it wouldn't be that for me.

@ Fini - I didn't let him finish the bottle. I prolonged things my first time around, I have to learn to let go. *tear*

@ Ndayeni - LOL I had to look at her, yes she does look a lot like her

@ Ang - it wasn't the nuke box that glitched my poor Pete, it was the bat box. the nuke box is the stuck object remover... unfortunately I don't recall where i picked it up from

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Congrats on getting rid of the invisible fire! *cheers* (And where'd you find that nuke box? That could come in handy, I'm thinking...)

Stupid garden lady. (Did you know they look at more than your garden? Snobs look at ALL of your outdoor landscaping and so forth.)

*snickers* What? You don't want 10 kids?

Aww, I don't blame you one bit. Andrew isn't ready to reach his twilight years yet!

Eww, the toilet already looks dirty!!

Congrats on the baby bump, congrats on the upcoming nuptuals today and congrats on becoming another good witch!

Erm, a casual wedding, maybe? Aww, poor Miranda! That was just mean, showing her with acne like that.

Andrew looked a little put off though, with his new daughter-in-law's behavior! *giggles*

Heh, Matt looks a little shell shocked there. *snickers*

Welcome baby who's name Ruby didn't tell us! And gratz on the ToC Olivia and Ashley and Andrew! (And gratz to Ashley and Andrew for getting perma-plat!) Wow, and Andrews IW with him already being an adult? NIIICE!

Aw, happy birthday, Andrew. *pouts*

Well, thank goodness for Andrew reminding you of your manners! Hello, Alana. *waves to the toddler*

Hehe, love the telescope picture! And yes, I think they just about all go into labor in the bathrooms. I wonder why.