Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 05 Ramos Family

Last Week: Miranda became a neutral witch and I cut their week short so Miranda wouldn’t age to adult before she could go to college.

The first thing I did this round was call in Miranda’s scholarships and send her and her zits packing. Second thing I did was have Luis find a job. He took one in Gaming. What? Luis wanted the career reward, besides his 'dream job' wasn't available yet.
Luis: I did?
Luis: Uh, ya… I did…

The Ramos family has a distinct disadvantage to the Fitzgerald family. Financially they are far behind for several reasons.
1. There was no adult at start to earn money immediately.
2. They didn’t get a magic lamp to wish for money.
3. They lost almost a week’s time in comparison.

All that aside, I made sure Luis brought home several statues to compensate. So the first thing I did was update the home… only I find I’m no longer fond of the floor plan. Ah well, no big deal. I’ll adapt it as we go along.

I also made sure Olivia gave them a few snap dragons for Meadow during her pregnancy. I need at least 2 kids from these guys… they wasted no time… so neither did I.

I decided to get them hitched right away. No family, no guests, just Meadow & Luis… and their bun in the oven.

With Meadow's first bump, I had her grab a job. May as well get paid to sit around and have a baby. As soon as she accepted she reminded me she is pregnant. No, really Meadow? I thought you were just getting fat.
Meadow: Hey!
What? O.o

To regain what I have of sanity, I strategically placed the few snap dragons I allowed in the home and kept Meadow sewing as much as possible. The sweat suit couple would not stay in sweat suits for much longer.

Although the times she did get hungry, I would simply whip out a pizza from her backpack… what? Oh please… am I the only one who cancels out the visit campus pizza runs and throw them in their backpacks to take home?

Much better. You look rather dapper, Luis.
Luis: Thanks, I’m not sure its really ‘me’ but…
*blinks* It’s you. Okay? You are NOT going back to the sweats!
Luis: Ya, but the sweat pants were comfy…

Which would explain why he spends so much time in his pajamas… *facepalm*

I made a small nursery right off of their bedroom. I love this set. A friend of mine did this recolor of a uh… crud… I don’t remember where it’s from… I’m not one to usually like pink, but she did a great job and I love it. Lets just hope she has a girl.

Oh while I’m bragging about my talented friends, Meadow made her dress… it’s a vintage dress from hedgekat. It can be found at MTS2. She has great dresses for adults, elders and teens.
Sorry, got a bit side tracked…

Meadow: Shoo flee!

Okay Meadow, think girls… pink *shudders*… ribbons and bows and pretty things…
Meadow: Ow, ow, ow
Oh just spin already.
Meadow: Where is Luis?
I dragged him out of bed, he’ll be here soon… spin Meadow, spin!

Luis arrived just as she spun… and then promptly walked away… *blinks, pokes Luis in the back of the head*
Luis: Ow! What the… oh hey we have a baby! Way to go, Babe!
It looks like she took after the Ramos side of the family. Not surprising, brown hair, brown eyes are usually dominant. So Meadow, what did you name your daughter?

Meadow: I named our son, Caplan… Caplan Ramos.
*headdesk* Didn’t I tell you to think frilly thoughts?
Meadow: Yes well apparently Caplan had other plans.
Luis: Hey buddy… who’s da lil man? Who’s da lil man?
Caplan: *swats at Luis’ face*
Apparently he is da man…

I hate these chance cards… especially the hobby related ones. They should totally not affect their job. Seriously!

Ack! Sorry Luis, at least it didn’t hurt your job.
Luis: It’s okay. Can I have a car?
Uh… sure…

Luis: This isn’t quite what I had in mind… oh hey, a mechanical skill point! Never mind, this is cool.
Stop thinking about your woman. She’s fine… you need to concentrate and get this car fixed… and more important you need those mechanical skills.
Luis: You have no idea what I’m thinking about…
Pfft, you’d be surprised…
Luis: You’re scary sometimes… ya know that?

You two sure don’t waste time.
Meadow: No, I suppose not. I don’t want them too far apart in age…
They don’t have to be this close either… you could have at least waited until he was a toddler!
Meadow: Maybe we’ll have a girl to appreciate all that pink.
You know, you can mysteriously disappear…
Meadow: You’d lose points.
I’m not keeping score.
Meadow: Yes you are… in your own twisted little way.
o.O how do my simmies know me so well?

Okay lets get this kid transitioned… I love watching the babies

Red? He has red hair! Woot!
Meadow: So uh… where does he get the red hair from?
Luis: My father… Placeholder Ramos was a redhead… he was killed before we met.
*does a happy dance* Yay, for the redhead!!!
Meadow: Then Caplan truly takes after the Ramos side of the family. *stage whispers to Luis* I think she’s pleased with our son.
Yes! I love that he’s a red head. It even makes up for him not being a her!

So life goes on in the Ramos house and our time has come to an end.

End week accomplishments: Miranda headed off to college, Luis got a job in gaming, a gold badge in gardening and married Meadow, Meadow gave birth, got pregnant again, got a job in education, a gold badge in sewing and a plaque for A&C, Caplan transitioned to toddler.
Points: 2 points
On-going subtotal: 37 points

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Jenni said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Meadow's hair.. It does so much for her face... Do you know where you downloaded it?

And I think the nursery set is a recolor of: At least it looks a lot like it lol!!

Loved the update! Caplan is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

So are they gonna do 2 & through? I don't remember what Meadow's LTW was.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Heh, I have sims with about twenty pizzas in their inventory, very convenient! Works well with toddlers and smart milk too!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Caplan is cute; I love it. And how your sims know so much about you. Mine know a lot about me too. Good luck with meadow; you know she loves herself some babies.

Anjel76 said...

OY! I thought you said you weren't going to let your simmies talk back to you. ;OD))

Heh ... boo for no girl ... yay for red hair! :O)

SK said...

Is Meadow Thayer the one who is supposed to make really beautiful babies? You have such lovely sims anyway, Caplan should be gorgeous.

ruby said...

@ Jenni - Ack um .. no? A d/l a friend's Sim Me and that is her hair.. if I stumble across it, I'll post it on the yahoo board for you.
You're probably right about the nursery set, it is I believe from Parsimonious

@ Lisa - Probably done w/ kids. Depends on what ACR has in store for me. Meadow wants 6 grandkids

@ SK - That is the rumor, and i know Meadow made pretty babies for Wen & her Prosperity Falls (think Robbins family)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

If you kept her clean, she wouldn't have zits. It's all your fault, you know.

Congrats on the wedding and baby to come! *cheers*

I've never thought of having them take home the pizza boxes. *blinks*

Hehe, Sims definitely have a mind of their own! If you won't let him have sweats, he'll wear his pj's. *giggles* And gratz on the gold gardening badge!

I always wait to buy the baby furniture until after the baby is born, so I know I've got the right colors. ;-)

Yay for Keth's nursery furniture and yay for hk's dress! *cheers*

*snickers* So contrary to your wishes, your sims are. *welcomes their son Caplan* Guess you should change out that furniture, eh?

Boo for bad hobby cards!

Wow, gratz on baby #2! *cackles at the conversation between Ruby and Meadow*

Woot! Congratulations on the secret recessive hair color! *cheers* That really is very cool that he got his grandfather's hair, despite dad being a brunette. Cute ending shot with Luis and Caplan, by the way. :-D