Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 05 University

Last Week:
Gavin Fitzgerald - Graduate Summa Cum Laude, Greek House, Secret Society Member, Gold Badge: Gardening, Sewing, Plaque: Science, A&C; Olivia Ramos - Graduate Summa Cum Laude, Greek House, Secret Society Member, Gold Badge: Flower Arranging, Plaque: Cuisine, A&C, Games; Luis Ramos - Graduate Summa Cum Laude, Greek House, Secret Society Member, Plaque: Music, A&C; Meadow Thayer - Graduate Summa Cum Laude, Greek House, Secret Society Member, Gold Badge: Gardening, Plaque: Nature

Ah, I love Uni time for romance sims… especially one with Miranda’s LTW. Lets see what we can do, shall we?

What luck! Our first minutes in the lot and our first blazer is walking by. How convenient… ugh we have to do something about these clothes.

Much better! *blinks* Do they know she’s sitting right there and can hear them? Reckon they don’t exactly care…

Miranda met as many of them as possible, befriending them all, managing to get her first kiss and naturally getting the Big Sim on Campus. Easy peasy for my romancers. Others… I don’t think to even try. *shrugs*
I also had Miranda call up our GH house sitter and make nice.

Thanks Addison, you just made blazer friend #3… now we’ll just wait for the limo

As a reward for his befriending Miranda… I let them fall in love. See? I can be nice…

Bwhahahaha! Oh that’s rich. He tried to flirt with her and she plays hard to get. *wipes a tear of laughter* Oh that’s rich…
Miranda: He has to earn it.
Right… whatever you say… Anyhow she spent most of her second freshman semester here. Yet when it came time for her finals, she went back to the dorm.

Okay this guy needs help. Desperately! So I nudged Mirandawho kindly cast a spellwhich startled the poor sap.

Ah much better… oh he’s cute, lets write his name down for later…

Sophomore year, time to move in to the GH and send Amar temporarily back in to towniedom. *tilts her head and stares at Amar* Is it me… or is something… off?
Amar: What? What do you mean… why are you looking at me and who ‘are’ you?!
Oh right, you’re playable... *pokes Amar’s middle* You gained weight on me.
Amar: *rubs his stomach* I did not… I’ve always been this size.
Now how did I miss that? Never mind, invite Miranda over so she can move in.
Amar: Sweet, a roommate!
You’re going back to townie status…
Amar: But I don’t want to.
Make the call…
Amar: *hesitates* And if I don’t?

Miranda, before he goes… *points to his bulging tummy*
Miranda: Sure, my pleasure.
Amar: What… what are you… Ah! Oh hey… that’s nifty. You’re kinda scary.
Miranda: Me?
Amar: Well, you too…
I get that a lot…

Before I sent him off, I had them date… it was a dream date, but only a crush. Good news is they are now best friends. Its only a matter of time. See you in three years, Amar.
Amar: Do I have to go?
*waves bye*

Anyone that has ever read any of my Cedar Park University updates knows what is coming… ready?

Half way there! And we make it through her first two years… *reads that again* oh hey… lets see if I can get her next 10 before her senior year. That way if her next LTW is a job related one, she can change her major in time. It’s a goal to work for anyhow.

In the meantime, silly Miranda temporarily forgot she is a romance sim. Apparently Amar had her lost in love… thankfully once their date ended, she remembered she does not want to get engaged.

End week accomplishments: Miranda joined the SS & GH, has ten consecutive loves towards her LTW and has become BSOC
Points: 1 point
On-going subtotal: 38 points

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Jenni said...

Silly Miranda. She's a romance sim, not a family sim! *Shakes head* But at least she's on her way with those lovers!! Can't wait for the next update!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Miranda is a hoot! And I've never seen those spells before, I really have to play my witches more! Wish they had a spell like that in real life, heh.

Sammmi (: said...

i love your prosperity (:
and i love your style of writing

i have always wanted to try to post my own prosperity challenge, and iv finally signed up on this and created another hood (: now just gotta figure out how to work it :P

Sammmmi (:

Lisa said...

Go Miranda! You're rocking, girlfirend!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

I can't believe you're looking forward to Miranda's LTW!

Well, they're just saying how hot she is, so it's all good. (And hey! How'd you get the 4th tv watcher to sit on the floor like that? Mine always stand and watch TV.)

Gratz on the first kiss and BSOC! ANd grats for the SS entrance. :)

Hehe, a Romance sim playing hard to get? Good for her!

Wow, witches really are useful! She made him not fat anymore! *cheers* Ooo, he IS cute, isn't he...

Ooo, Amar did get chunky, didn't he. AH well.

So she's going for the married folks too, eh? *tsks* Man, you make that look SO EASY! *is jealous*

*snickers* You never picked her major, eh? *grins* I've had Romance sims want to get engaged and even married. They just didn't want to stay faithful. ;-)

Good luck with her other 10 loves!