Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 06 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: Gavin reached the top of his aspiration meter, changed jobs to Intelligence, married Olivia who gave birth to Alana the first Gen 2 with baby #2 in the oven, reached TOC and changed jobs to Oceanography; Ashley reached two TOC, one being her LTW; Andrew reached his second TOC which was his LTW, reached his IW, filled his aspiration meter, got a gold badge in gardening and transitioned to handsomely distinguished elder.

With so much having happened the previous week, I’m running out of things I need to accomplish with them. Andrew and Ashley have gotten all the points I require from them (for now) so they simply run around doing their own thing until I need one of them to help with the children or possibly something else.
So let’s see what mischief I can get in to… right, prosperity, happy simming… happy sims… *sighs*

It’s probably not a wise move to send a highly preggers woman to work on a broom… but what the heck, when have I been known to do the conventional thing?

Gah! Figures I’d get a chance card… is this karma or what? *closes eyes and clicks*

Crud! Sorry Olivia…
Olivia: *shrugs* No problem. I’m a family sim, I just want to have babies.
*sighs* Yes… yes you do…
Olivia: You can make it up to me later.
o.O oh? You think so? *scoffs*

This baby girl is adorable. She loves her table so it’s easy to keep her entertained. To the point that not only did manage to get the tinker secret hobby place card, she maxed her mechanical skill. Did I mention she received her membership card before her parents? *giggles*

Olivia: Shoo flee!
Okay we need a boy, think erm… blue? Oh geez, I can’t say what I was really thinking… I’m trying to keep this PG… ish… *snickers*

And success! At least someone listens. Meet Zeke Fitzgerald, this homes heir.

Ack! And how do these two celebrate the birth of their son? *headdesk*
*perks* No chimes? Sweet!

There are days I truly want to beat the butler. The baby needs his diaper changed? Oh lets feed him a bottle… did he take lessons from the nanny school? That same day, I had Ashley put Alana in her crib only for him to pull her out to give her a bottle. I finally sent him home before I beat him with a stick… or… something…

Gavin, its time for your baby girl to transition, bring her out to the living room where there’s more space for everyone to gawk.
Gavin: *sighs* They grow so quickly…
Maybe I shouldn’t have made your secondary ‘family’…

Ready kiddo? Lets do this… Alana is a beautiful young girl… who’s hungry… well now we can’t have that. Ashley go make some juice!
*headdesk* Gavin and Olivia celebrated her birthday. *chimes* Ack!
*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*
Seriously love this eggplant juice. Everyone that gets hungry drinks it and poof we have a skill.

It rained a lot… I finally had to stop the rain, things were getting hit by lightening and not just plants… *sighs* Thankfully Gavin survived.

I got bored… no, no… I didn’t torture my simmies. Instead tortured myself… and I called the Headmaster over for a visit. Usually I refresh my memory with WOOTO’s HM tutorial… but I didn’t this time. I think I was supposed to chat with him before the tour. Oops. So before dinner I had Gavin talk to him. *sighs* Negatives? Gavin!
Gavin: It isn’t my fault. He’s pig headed.
You do realize you’re going to have to do this again for Zeke… right?
Gavin: Fine, next time have someone else entertain him.
o.O mouthy simmies… I have ways of dealing with you…
Gavin: *fidgets* I uh… I just mean I apparently am not the right sim for this and someone else will perform much better for you…

I did remember to have pork chops. I usually get a very decent score with pork chops or salmon.

In the end Gavin pulled it off, Alana is now in private school. It wasn’t my best score… but it’s good enough. Seven schmooze points? Only seven?! Pathetic. *pokes Gavin*
Gavin: *rubs his side*

During the HM visit, Olivia kept trying to help Zeke transition. I kept stopping her because she was supposed to be cooking. The last thing I wanted was a kitchen fire. So as soon as it was winding to an end, I grabbed a cake and told her to bring the boy out. Only he didn’t transition… tried another cake… still no transition… ut oh… All night she would go and try again, to no avail.

So at 6pm the next night, I pulled out another cake and… he transitioned before they could even sing. Ah well, at least he transitioned. *grumbles about 3 wasted cakes*

Olivia: Shoo flee!
I did mention the whole hearing chimes right? While everyone jockeyed around the stairwell for a good view… we have another girl. Meet Brielle Fitzgerald. The last baby for these two. Mmhmm… this time I stopped them as they went off to celebrate her birth… twice! *shakes fist at them*
Olivia: Remember that chance card…
Uh huh…
Olivia: You could make that up to me…
Oh frell no! I see what is in your wants panel and the answer is no.
Olivia: But I want ten kids… *pouts*
Don’t make me hurt you… seriously, the points aren’t all that important.

While I am accustomed to this view… paccy floating over the parents head… I was rather surprised to see one floating over Andrew. *looks at their memory panels* No I didn’t think she had an affair with her father in law... although that is something I’ve been known to do.
Gavin: *clears his throat*
Gavin: You’re still annoyed with the HM visit aren’t you?
No, not at all…

Andrew: Hey Bubba, did you have a good nap?
*blinks* Excuse me, what did you just call him?
Andrew: Bubba. He’s my first grandson.
And your last, but no, we wont be calling him Bubba.
Andrew: You let Joe call his son Spanky. I think its only fair I get to call my grandson, Bubba.
*headdesk* Yes and I made his daughter kill her own mother in a piano fire… so lets not get too hasty in comparing this family with my founders family, shall we?
Andrew: So Zeke…
Much better.

Oh, you may or may not be able to tell… Olivia’s skin is sparkly. Oliva is no longer a nice witch, she is now a good witch. This upset Alana a great deal. So I had Gavin distract her with homework.
Do you see the framed photograph on the shelf? I love those things. They are at MTS2 and they’re desk locators. No more searching for stray homework!
Anyhow they use the children’s picture in them. They’re reusable, but the images are so dang cute, I just cant do it. Besides, they’re only $50 each so its worth buying a new ones for the next generation.

Anyone remember Cedar Park? I forgot this was in there… *watches the tv with Ashley*
Ashley: What are you doing?
Just reminiscing about my last prosperity hood… see that kid? She was your counterpart’s daughter.
Ashley: You’re daft. I have no daughter nor counter part.
No, I mean that’s Kara, Mandy’s daughter… she was my… you know what… never mind. Let’s just end this update now.

End week accomplishments: Gavin reached his LTW/TOC and IW, Ashley received a plaque for culinary and maxed out her lifetime aspiration, Alana transitioned to child, Zeke transitioned to toddler and Brielle was born.
Points: 7 points
On-going subtotal: 45 points

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Jenni said...

Love it! Can't wait for the next update!

Anonymous said...

Yayz! For some reason, I feel drawn to this family. ;)

I know all about headdesking when babies make an unexpected appearance.

Having a good witch can be quite beneficial, I see. I should work on that with someone.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Gah, don't make up the chance card to her like that! Whew. I thought things were about to get scary. Your sims, at their very core, fear you. I am jealous. My sims don't, cause they know I am sad when they are.
Is it really bad that I couldn't think of who Kara was until I saw the painting gallery again?

Anonymous said...

"your sims, at their very core, fear you." (rolls on the floor) This update made me laugh so many times...preggers woman going to work on a broom, the whole busy baby-making, your pithy comments.

The picture of the magical spell to get rid of the storm was so beautiful!

Doesn't Olivia have the chance card benefit? I was surprised she got the penalty result.

Anjel76 said...

Errrr ... how did a highly pregnant sim managed to go to work (on a broomstick no less)? Was it a glitch? Funny thing about that chance card. Keth had exactly the same one for her Joe ... and he chose exactly the same one you did ... and got a bonus (and a promotion, too, I think). Weird chance card statistics!

Congrats on a boy. :O)

Alana is so pale!

Sunshine at night ... is VERY wrong!

Darn glitched birthdays.

What probably happened with Andrew was that he wanted a new family member/new baby. And since the child is his grandchild, he got a positive memory. :O))

So ... about that desk locator ... how do you get the shelf? I don't recall seeing a shelf. Did I miss it???

ruby said...

@ Fini - Shame on you! LOL No, its not bad you forgot who Kara is, she wasn't that prominent. On the other hand, she did marry her half brother's half brother whos mother married her grandfather... wow what a twisted hood I had! Ha!

@ Francesca - chance card benefit? o.O ya I have no idea! LOL

@ Ang - I simply clicked on Olivia and she had the option to fly to work... (same as 'walk' to work) so I let her.. remember, she is a witch so naturally she will fly not walk places.
The shelf is a mzxis thing, just look under the shelves you'll find 2 different lengths.

SK said...

Haha, "Shoo flee!" All day long today I've had, "Gerbitts, gerbitts, vooooooo gerbitts!!!!!" stuck in my head because I just got done playing university. :p

P.S. I love hearing about your crazy sim-killing adventures.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, Bubba would be such a cute name for a sim! LOL I don't think I've ever seen one! The pregnant sim on the broomstick was classic.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Geeze, wouldn't her center of gravity be all thrown off by the baby? And then you stick her on a tiny broomstick? *shakes her head*

Yeah, that's the choice I would have thought made the most sense... and that was the result I got too. (For Anneke, Joe's wife.)

*blinks* Alana got entrance to the hobby lot as a TODDLER? Now that IS impressive!

*snickers at Ruby and crosses her fingers for a winky* Yay! Welcome, Zeke! :-D

Wow, really? I absolutely ADORED my butler for the Shmoes! Of course, that may have had something to do with the fact that with 5 toddlers in the house, there was no point that someone didn't need something done and he worked right alongside the parents to keep them all alive and happy. :-)

Alana is stunning! :-D Congrats on being so beautiful! It's too bad your controller won't let you move into your own home and have your own family. You're going to have to live off your baby brother's table scraps for the rest of your life. *narrows her eyes at Ruby*

I keep forgetting about the eggplant juice. *pokes herself* And gratz on making it not rain! I mean, it IS the desert after all... it shouldn't rain like that! ;-)

Congrats on private school! I hate when I get cake glitches like that! But Zeke's a cutie-pie.

Welcome Brielle! *cheers*
*cackles at Andrew* Good choice there, handsome. *nods*

Why did that upset Alana? The witch thing?

You had a tv movie from your last Prosperity hood? *blinks* How?