Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 07 Ramos Family

Last Week: Luis reached TOC in gaming, got a job in intelligence, and achieved his IW, Meadow did nothing significant… besides giving birth… Not to offend other Moms out there, but as a sim, that is not a big deal. Caplan and Emma transitioned to children.

Miranda is back home. *tilts head* ya, can't say I am too excited about that… What? I got her LTW so other than working there isn't much left for her to do… of course, I am kinda trying for her IW of 30… okay, it’s a relatively full house so something is bound to happen.

Seeing how Emma is Caplan’s clone, it is natural that their OTH would be the same. They like sports. Which is cool since I don’t have one of those plaques yet. Caplan is a sore winner though… thankfully Emma is still a good sport.

I made the mistake of allowing Miranda to have a ‘friend’ over… Mary walked by at the wrong time…
Miranda: That’s okay… she doesn’t need to be in love with me for me to get my IW, I just have to still be in love with her.
Good point. *checks relationships* No longer friends, but still in love thanks to the BFF…. nice
Miranda: Of course this doesn’t stop her from knocking over the trash can…
Too true… thankfully we have a knowledge sim who will get a kick out of earning badges. Its time to buy the robot bench for the sentry bot. Miranda? What’s wrong?

Miranda: I don’t feel so well. *urp*
*facepalm, grumbles about ACR*

While she’s preggers I have her preparing for her promotion. She needs a couple cooking and a couple creativity points.

Miranda: Ding!
Wrong game… Sweet! Now hop on your broom and get promoted.
Miranda: I’m highly pregnant, even though you can’t tell in this outfit… are you sure?
Yes! *shoos Miranda off towards the door*

Just like her sister, no sooner did I send her off preggers on a broomstick I get a chance card. *closes eyes and picks one* Yay for a nice bonus! That will come in handy.

Miranda’s home and no real surprise to me, she’s got her TOC… what did take me surprise is…
Miranda: Shoo flee!
Heh… I reckon we cut that one a bit close, eh?
Miranda: It hurts! Why do Meadow and Olivia do this? *pants* Hooo, hooo…
Just spin already… oh and her new LTW? *giggles* Ya that’s an easy one seeing how she isn’t that far now.
Miranda: Ow, ow, ow!
Spin Miranda, spin!

He is such a cutie… of course all infants are… but that is totally besides the point now isn’t it? *waves and coos at Tiago* Hey big guy… hey, cutie!
Tiago: *giggles and coos*

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! What are you two up to? No! No, no, no, no, no! No more ‘try for baby’! Geez, take your eyes off of them for a second…
Meadow: I want another baby.
Yes, I see your wants panel, and the answer is still no.
Luis: Can we still… yanno…
*contemplates* Okay. You did get your second TOC. *walks away, pauses* I better not hear any chimes!

Caplan is ready to grow up again. Okay kiddo, lets go. Really? Another one? *sighs*

Caplan Ramos – Gemini
Aspiration – Fortune
6 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 2 playful, 1 nice
LTW – Become City Planner

Caplan got a job and managed to reach the top his first night… oh I’m jumping ahead a bit. First night, I had Miranda turn him in to a warlock. Then he sat down for a bit on the throne of light given to Miranda by Ashley. THEN he got the job and reached the TOC for teen. Either way, he’s awfully cute in uniform.

Yay Emma! *cheers* Hey Caplan… not so tough now are ya slick? *cheers more*

Alright Emma, it’s your turn to grow up… ready? UGH! Really? Hey Caplan, you’re off the hook. You only need one kid. I swear the dice hate me.

Emma Ramos – Gemini
Aspiration – Family
6 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 2 playful, 1 nice
LTW – Golden Anniversary
my daughter (aka Peanut) did Emma’s makeover

Speaking of birthdays, its almost time for Tiago to transition… Miranda, summon the baby’s daddy.
Miranda: You do realize I need to go to work again…
Ah, so you do… you should be promoted soon too. *scratches her head* Why are you still in that outfit?
Miranda: Because I have the throne, I no longer require sleep, baths, etc…
Oh. right. hmm… okay well off with you… the family can entertain him and take care of Tiago for you. *shoos Miranda*

This update is getting much too long… so much more happened this week… we just don’t have time to cover everything. So I’m gonna wrap this up real quick like. *blinks*

Emma! What are you doing? Send that woman away… no, don’t give her any money! Ack… *headdesk* Whatever you do… don’t turn around… stupid ACR and its ‘fix’… I hate that boop. Okay send him home… maybe we’ll find you a nice boy next week.

Ugh, lets get out of here before someone else does something… what is that sound?

Oh right… welcome home, Caplan.

Okay I was going to end this, but I just ‘had’ to show you this blooper… that’s so not right. o.O

End week accomplishments: Luis reached TOC in intelligence, and achieved his LTW, Reached full Lifetime Aspiration; Meadow reached TOC in education and got a job in the artist field; Miranda reached TOC in both culinary and dance, got #23 Leo Wilkie and sold a fab tell most novel; Caplan transitioned to teen, reached TOC becoming an over achiever, and got abducted; Emma transitioned to teen and Tiago transitioned to toddler.
Points: 8 points
On-going subtotal: 65 points

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you did have a busy week!

Crap . . . I have to work away from the computer for a bit.

Anjel76 said...

ruby ... are you enjoying this legacy? Hehe. You always seem so down when you have to make them happy, make them prosper. *huggles*

Did the the two youngest already have the same workout wear??? Cuz .. that's just too damn creepy!

OOps! Heh. Miranda got caught! :O) And also got preggers. :O> Y'know ... I know I haven't played with ACR very long, but I have yet to have sims spontaneously try for baby (or have the risky woohoo). I've had sims wanna sit nekkid on the couch (but I had to cancel the action cuz other things were going on) ... and I've had sims spontaneously flirt. Nothing more yet.

A VERY nice chance card!! CONGRATS!! And congrats on reaching the TOC, too.

Hehe ... the baby items are so cute. I just downloaded them and installed them yesterday. I haven't had a chance to play with them yet though.

I'm assuming that we heard no chimes when you let Meadow and Luis woohoo. :O)

Caplan's a cutie! Congrats on him becoming a warlock. So ... is that how it happens? He can't ask? He has to be turned? *ponders*

Emma looks like she KILLED Caplan in that shot. *LOL*

So ... how come the picture of the summoning of the babydaddy is so dark? Is it cuz you don't want us to see who he is? CURSE YOU!!

Peanut did a good job with Emma's makeover. :O)

Looks like Caplan got himself a scholarship. Is he going to college? Or not. ;O) Either way ... he better be careful of that telescope when he becomes an adult. *grin*

Anonymous said...

its so true, you really seem to resent the Prosperity part...

Tiago is adorable, so is Emma. I've got to get one of those baby swings.

AWESOME picture of aliens. I didn't know they could come in the day time. Is it with the summon aliens?

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Poor Emma! How much money did she give the matchmaker anyway? Not enough, apparently! :))

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, that is a busy week. Congrats on all the TOCs... and birthdays... and the abduction... wow. Those kids crack me up.

Kethwyn said...

Congrats on all the TOCs this week and on Miranda's big bonus. *chuckles at Meadow wanting another bebe* Just take care of Tiago, Meadow. That should help curb all those motherly urges. Mmmm... I can't wait to see Caplan as an adult; he's quite a nice looking teen. Emma grew up into a lovely young lady too. Hopefully she outgrew that lip issue *chuckle* Tiago's a cutie too.

*snickers at the Captain whining about not getting to see Tiago's daddy* Did you really expect Ruby to show us? She's gotta has some dramaz, even in her prosperity. *grin*

Kerry said...

Yeah, that summoning photo is pretty dramatic!

Melissa said...

Whew! All caught up on your Prosperity 'hood. Mmmm. You're really making me rethink getting ACR. Where would I get it is I decide to? Not sure what it stands for.
Melissa - from Prosperity Yahoo! Group

AeronwyDiobhell said...

You know, Rubes, at some point, you're going to HAVE to start letting these extra kids get homes and families of their own, instead of them all remaining spinsters living off the good graces of their brothers. How utterly demeaning to women! And 5 isn't nearly a full house.

Heh, they're cute playing soccer together. :-D

Hahaha! Miranda's too funny about Mary catching her. *snickers* Oooo and she's got a little present to remember the event by too. Nice! *cackles*

Ooh, nice result on the chance card! *claps* And the ToC! *cheers*

Congrats on Tiago! (Interesting name there.)

*snicker-snorts* So glad you're letting them woohoo. (Of course, I'd laugh my butt off if chimes did in fact get heard...)

Happy birthday, Caplan! Huh, a lotta witches in this 'hood now.

I don't blame Emma for cheering. *giggles*

Both Caplan and Emma are really pretty teens! I like Emma's makeover too. :-D

*snickers at the Gypsy's choice*

Welcome home (and grats on another scholarship), Caplan!

Yikes, that's a bad blooper!