Friday, May 8, 2009

Week 08 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: Andrew did Andrew type things… Ashley turned Alana in to a witch, then promptly wanted to cure her as did everyone else in the house with the exception of Alana… Gavin reached his second TOC, Olivia reached her second TOC, reached platinum lifetime aspiration and got a silver in sewing, Alana transitioned to teen, reached TOC of athletics, got a bronze in gardening, silver in fishing and became an over achiever, Zeke and Brielle transitioned to children.

We have a lot of ground to cover folks so lets hit the ground running… ready?
As you may remember, Gavin was missing last week.
Gavin: I was not missing… I was just invisible.
We had this conversation already.
Gavin: I thought it sounded familiar.
The word you're looking for is… anyway… o.O

Thanks to ASimWen's advice, Gavin is no longer invisible. It's good to see you again, Gavin.
Gavin: Thanks.

The twins are about ready to transition so we'll just do that now.
Gavin: They aren't twins actually…
I realize that but they will be the same age when they go to college together next week. It's a weird simmy thing, don't worry.

Okay sport, spin a good one for me. Really? Are you sure? You uh.. don't want a mulligan?
Zeke: No thanks.
*sighs* The dice hate me.

Zeke FitzgeraldPisces
6 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
LTWBecome Cult Leader

Okay Brielle, spin better than your brother.
Brielle: Me?
Cha do you see another girl in this house, ready to transition, named Brielle?
Brielle: *ponders* No…
Then its you.
Brielle: oh me!
*rubs her temples*

Brielle Fitzgerald Aries
Aspiration – Popularity
10 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful, 1 nice
LTWBecome Media Magnate

The butler finally did something useful. While Gavin was busy lecturing Ashley about breaking the television, he promptly fixed the thing. I allowed him to live for another week.

The kids skilled for college.

Called in scholarships.
Gavin: Oh hey, There's Dad.
Gavin: You haven't mentioned him yet.
Gavin: Roo…

I'll show them pictures of you in your work uniform…
Gavin: There's nothing wrong with my uniform…
*bites her lip* No, nothing at all…
Gavin: You're drooling.
Am not.
Gavin: *chuckles* Just checking.

Alana called in her scholarships and headed to college. For someone who did well, she doesn't look too happy.
Gavin: Of course not. That was after…
Gavin: You can't avoid it.
I don't care.
Gavin: Roo…

I decided to buy Ashley a shop. I was bored.
Gavin: You were avoiding…
Who is telling this recap. Hush!
Ashley: Hush Gavin, I like this part… It's about me.

Seeing how she already had a few loves, I figure lets go for broke… erm… I mean… Lets see if we can get her to 30. Not a bad start. Ready?
Ashley: Yes, I like this part.

Well done Ashley.

Ashley was a good source of entertainment this week.
Ashley: I do what I can.
And I thank you for that.
Gavin: I think you've procrastinated long enough.

Not really, there is the abduction… I'm sure you're son would think it was significant enough to warrant a mention.
Gavin: You haven't mentioned Dad.
Don't push me Gavin. I was nice to you this week.

Gavin: That is true. You were nice to me several times this week. Now about my father…

He retired…

He often stayed in his pajamas the whole day, staring in the telescope at your neighbors…

Gavin: And you panicked when you saw this.
*winces* Yes.
Gavin: It helps to talk about it.
No. No it doesn't.

Gavin: You liked him.
I love him. He is such a good sport.
Gavin: Yes, he was.
He's handsome.
Gavin: He had a good life.
That is true.
Gavin: True to his word, he gave us inheritences.
*grins sadly* That's true, too. Gavin?
Gavin: Yes?
I miss Andrew.
Gavin: I know. We all do.

Fitzgerald, Andrew
Age 69
Andrew is survived by his children and grandchildren. He will be missed by many.

By the way… something weird is happening to my sims.
Ashley should be a good 7 days older, not to mention Gavin and Olivia should be the same age. *shrugs* Weird.

End week accomplishments: Andrew… *sighs* Andrew passed at age 69, leaving a platinum urn, was at top influence and benefited 14 sims… Ashley got a gold badge in sewing, a bronze in fishing, a plaque in A&C, and 13 simultaneous loves towards her IW… Gavin got a bronze badge in fishing… Olivia filled her lifetime aspiration, got a gold in sewing, a plaque in nature and bronze in fishing… Alana went to college… Zeke transitioned to teen, got a bronze badge in gardening, a plaque in Science and got abducted and Brielle transitioned to teen and got a bronze badge in fishing.
Points: 5 points
On-going subtotal: 70 points

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Brielle's transition oufit!

*wips chin* What's wrong with Gavin's work uniform?

Yay, Zeke!

Do you have any age progression hacks? That's the only thing I can think of that would make your sims age differently.

Kethwyn said...

Aw, I don't think your dice hate you Ruby. Considering their stats, I think Zeke and Brielle picked fine aspirations. And they grew up into nice looking teens

"I allowed him to live for another week" *cackles*

Woo! WTG Ashley. *chuckles as she loves her way through the populace*

*pats Zeke on the head after the abduction* It'll be okay. Just... stay away from dance spheres and telescopes as you get older.

*sniffles* *reaches for a tissue* *waves good bye* I was afraid this scene was coming up, what with all Gavin's poking you about Andrew.... although Gavin in his work uniform did provide a nice distraction for a while. *pats drool* Andrew was so young too *blows nose into tissue* But he did have a full life, and was well loved by his Roo. You know... if Zeke becomes a cult leader, he could bring Andrew back...

Congrats on all the plaques. :) Lots of good thing happening this week, other than Andrew's passing.

Phoenix said...

Ruby!! Where did you get your CC skin? I love it because it doesn't make the guys look girly...

Anjel76 said...

*mourns* That was a lovely tribute.

Liz said...

Yay FO is back :) -- no more vacations for Ruby!!! Awww Andrew you'll be missed! I had no idea this household was bigger than the Ramos household until I saw the opening image.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Yeah, I had a feeling Andrew left us this week. It hurts to lose a founder, especially if they're cooperative. But he lives on through everyone else. Good job for Ashley's love count!

ASimWen said...

HiYa Gavin! Glad I could help... Nice to see you. Aww sorry about Andrew. *sad* Good looking man...they all have to go. *thinks of Zaed and Quavi* Yeah for abductions!~

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Andrew. I'm dreading losing some of mine.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Heh, I didn't realize EVERYONE wanted Alana cured of witch-hood except Alana. That's too funny. Congrats on getting Gavin back safe and sound. :-)

*blinks in confusion of the mulligan comment* What does golf have to do with birthdays? Anyway, happy birthday, Zeke! Interesting LTW though. *giggles*

Brielle is so guillible! *snickers* Bad outfit, but she turned out cute. :-D

Congrats on preparing for college, kids. *cheers* And hiya Andrew. *waves hello*

*blinks* Why AREN'T you drooling? *stops scrolling down for a while...*

Wow, she did -very- well on scholarships! *cheers Alana* (That's usually how most of my kidlets do... but not the quintuplets.) And after what? *peers suspiciously* Why do I think I don't want to scroll anymore?

Hehe, thanks for avoiding for a while! I don't want to see what I'm sure Gavin is referring to for a while. And congrats on the shop, Ashley!

*snorts her iced tea* Okay, her expression for #8 love was so unbelievably goofy! *cackles* Geeze though, how do you get that many and not have temper tantrums all over town?

*giggles at Ashley*
Shush, Gavin!

Gratz on the abduction! More scholarship points. :-D

Congratulations on the retirement, Andrew. Ack! That's too old! Make him younger! Aww, man. :-( *mourns Andrew*

Love, love, LOVE the photo montage you gave him. *cheers Ruby*

Geeze, you could barely let Andrew go. Are you going to be able to handle Gen 2 becoming elders?

Chrissy Brown said...

Aww , bye Andrew :( and everybody in the house is soo nice looking :)