Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 06 University

Last Week:
Miranda joined the SS & GH, has ten consecutive loves towards her LTW and has become BSOC

Okay the plan is to finish up her LTW before she takes her last Junior final. Can we do it? Lets take a look at her friends or more accurately her potential loves…

Hmmm… this is going to be a bit of work. No problem. Let's get started shall we?

This guy was kind enough to walked by the house. You may have noticed him in Andrew's conquest picture.

What's this? Was our girl shot down? Say it aint so! *smirks*
Miranda: I think I came on a bit strong for her. She's very shy.
So you moved on to someone else?
Miranda: Heck no. I just smoothed things over and she saw things my way… eventually.
Miranda: Determined.
*tear* I'm so proud.
Miranda: *laughs* Uh… okay…

I realized I was running out of time. I have her next love primed and ready to go but I have six hours until the final… Yes, that is when I looked closer realizing my mistake. I have six hours until her FIRST final. I have a whole semester to go! Sweet, I've got it made. Speaking of made hurry up with the reagents, we have some more simmies to summon!

Lexie here was another walk by. She had a friend call the very next night to invite our girl downtown for an outing… hmmm… sure why not.

So we go downtown and meet six more potentials… naturally we don't need them, but I figure why not meet them just in case.

We did it! Meet Prof Geoffrey Lajoie aka #20. No sooner did we get congratulated on her fulfilling her current LTW, she rolls up her impossible want.

A quick check on her new LTW and we have a job. Great, jump on the computer so we can adjust your major accordingly. *squints* Is that the guy who called you for the outing?
Miranda: *looks around* Where?
Out there, creeping up to the house.
Miranda: I am a witch. I can't see through walls.
Ah, right. You stay here and entertain #20 and I'll keep an eye on your new friend.

*watches quietly* Ooooh a pressie! A nice new stereo. Well lets just pack that up in the backpack and sell it when we get her home.

Senior year went by rather quietly compared to her first three years.

Your last final Miranda. Make us proud.
Miranda: I dated my professors. They're both madly in love with me. Do you really think I'll fail?
Miranda: Trust me.

Finals over we invite Amar back to watch over the house. He decides he wants to bring a friend. Naturally we say yes to any friend and potential conquest. Who does he bring? Her brother-in-law.
Miranda: I forgot how cute he is.
It doesn't bother you that he's married to your sister?
Miranda: Of course not. Should it?
Of course not.

End week accomplishments:

Miranda Ramos
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Big Sim on Campus
Gold Badge: Gardening
Plaque: Gaming

Points: 2 point
On-going subtotal: 52 points

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jungfrun68 said...

A lot of hard work! Congratulations on crushing the neighbourhood hearts? :)

Anjel76 said...

Well ... at least she didn't have to woohoo them all. And she is well on her way to hitting that 30 loves. :O) I can't believe she plans to mac on her sister's guy. *shakes head sadly* :O) But wow ... that must've been EXHAUSTING ... keeping track of folks. It might cause fireworks later on though. *wiggles eyebrows*

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the first LTW & being well on the way to winning the IW!

Jenni said...

Wow... Dude I knew I sucked at romance sims, but you make me feel so... Inferior!! Geez.

Anonymous said...

You are my new romance sim role model!

Congratulations on all those successes...big sim on campus too!

Ndayeni said...

Wow, great job. My hat's off to you for not only "squeezing" in all those loves, but also for remembering all of their names :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Of course it doesn't matter! As long as he's not a blood relation... You make me remember that I like Romance sims. That's a lot of people though! I add to the congratulations on remembering their names. I never do.

ruby said...

all y'all are so cute. I dont 'remember' their names... I write them down in a notebook!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Phew, the poor girl must be exhausted! ;) *is obviously not, a romance sim, hehe*

SabrosaRose said...

Great Update, Congrats on the 20 lovers, I am impressed with your skills. I have never ever gotten that one. Currently working on it now, but not sure if I can do it.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Good gravy, woman, how the heck do you pull off that many loves? Seriously??

*snickers* Love #19's last name! *cackles* (And #21's, I see.)

Congrats on getting your LTW achieved before your Senior year of college! *cheers*

Oh, nice present! Not the best, but still nice. *waves to the nice old geezer who left Miranda a gift*

*snorts* Yup, a true-blue Romance sim. She doesn't care that he's married to family, he's still a potential conquest. *shakes her head*