Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 08 University

Last Week: No one was in college so I was able to skip university. That means this week we have all new comers.

Katherine did not take growing up very well. As you can see, she was not happy with this transition, lets hope her future gets brighter. She also continues to believe she needs to grow up. I’m hoping I can wait until the end of her sophomore year in order to correct that. I also realized someone was missing… Mr. 3 bolts is not here. Oops?

So I exited the lot, grabbed the brat and threw him in to the dorm with the rest of the freshmen. *raises an eyebrow* Looks like he’s already giving me attitude… I have ways to deal with these types of sims. Let’s hope he is a quick study. *smirks*

Huh, I apparently don’t have a very good picture of Derek. *shrugs* Well here he is anyhow.

Derek VijayakarVirgo
Aspiration – Knowledge
1 neat, 7 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 4 nice
LTWBecome City Planner

So the kids did their thing. Met people, made nice with the blazer bunch and naturally they all became friends with Amar who promptly gave each admission to the Greek House.

Okay seriously… what is the big deal with Derek? They stand around waiting for a chance to talk to him.

There are a few changes that happened their freshman year… one major one in particular. *grins* Emma and I had a bit of fun trying out her new spells.

I got impatient. Katherine was platinum, so I sent her to the cement mixer to get fixed. She rolled knowledge. *sighs* oh well, Caplan is knowledge, so this works out just fine. *pokes Katherine* Get to it missy.
What? Wait, what the… no! Katherine don’t do it! *cringes*

Katherine Wong – Aquarius
AspirationGrilled Cheese
4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
LTW – Eat 200 GC Sammiches

*headdesk* I’ve never gotten this LTW accomplished…

Thankfully Caplan still thinks she’s pretty hot. So I’m happy to say she’s still a keeper.

Caplan: Emma, we need to talk.
Emma: No we don’t.
Caplan: Em… come on… its me. Talk to me, what’s going on?
Emma: Don’t get in my way, Cap. Brother or not, you can’t win.
I’ve created a monster…

Caplan: Roo…
Caplan: What did you do to Em?
Me? Nothing… *grins* Okay she’s no longer neutral, she’s evil. Don’t you just love her?
Caplan: Yes, yes I do… change her back.
Nope! She likes who she is. You want her to be happy don’t you?

So this brings us to the end of their freshman year, now we move them all to the Greek House. *tilts head* Uh… Alana… what gives?
Alana: They’re all very nice… but they look at me funny.
They want to do naughty things to you.
Alana: I’m a good witch! Why would they want to hurt me?
Ah sweet na├»ve Alana. Not bad things, just… naughty…
Alana: Oh. Should I let them?
*blinks* No. Time to move you out of the dorm.
Alana: Okay.

There you are… erm, Amar when you’re done its time to call the new crew in.
Amar: I’m doomed to townie status again. *sighs*
Uh… ya… looks like it.
Amar: I could have been good for Emma. We’re both family… we have 2 bolts…
Yes, that is very true. Unfortunately Derek is 3 bolts. So he won.
Amar: That third bolt wont last.
Oh? Do you know something I don’t?
Amar: He’s a knowledge sim. How long can he hold out before he becomes too athletic?
*blinks* Good point…
Amar: When it happens… don’t forget me.

Amar: Hey Caplan… ya its time. I’ll be here… for now.
Oh the self pity is just annoying… really.
Amar: Nah, its okay. At least this way, I stay young forever… right?
That is a good point. Glad you’re taking this so well. Much better than last time.

And the gang has arrived. Naturally, I was too quick to get these guys to move in. Thankfully I had one more to move in when I remembered their books and cauldrons. Once I had all 5 safely moved in, I sent Amar back to his townie goodness.

Something happened during their sophomore year that I hadn’t expected. Emma’s aspiration was running to red. She was prompted to date her beau Derek. *blinks* Anyway, she had a rather… unexpected want. Sorry Emma, that is not gonna happen. If you fall in love with anyone else besides Derek, it wont be him… from ugh to uglier. Sheesh! That is also when I noticed Amar was right… Derek is no longer holding his 3 bolts. They’ve dropped to 2.

Caplan: Hey! What gives?
Don’t fight it. It’s a good thing. Just go with it.
Caplan: You’re enjoying this…
*snickers* Yes. The faces you make are priceless.
Caplan: Oh hey… not so tight, Love.
*laughs* Oh, now you’re enjoying yourself.
Caplan: I’m a knowledge sim. I enjoy learning new things, new… experiences…

Caplan: Amar?
Yes, he’s originally a blazer boy. I had your uncle Gavin bring him in to the GH to be a placeholder.
Caplan: So he stays in college forever?
Or until I find him a wife and let him graduate.
Caplan: Who will take over if that happens?
That bowl headed guy, John. He’s cute if he got a hair cut.
Caplan: What about the chicks? That Maura is a looker.
Mmhmm… only she is in to girls. You can blame your aunties for that.
Caplan: Really? That’s kinda hot.
*pokes him*
Caplan: *laughs and rubs his chest* I’m just sayin’…

A few important things happened this last semester that you’ll find out just how much I am not keeping score… regardless as to what Meadow thinks.
The boys took off to class, I had Emma call Amar over, it was getting close to time for him to move back in…

This is how she greeted him, much to my delight. No sooner did she greet him, ACR kicked in to high gear. The meandered to the hot tub where ‘nature’ took over… by ‘nature’ I mean ACR. She fell in lovehe fell in love

I then yoinked them out of the hot tub and made her chose who she was getting engaged to. It was time for her to decided, one way or another, she would be engaged by the end of the night. Much to my surprise she had a want to be engaged with one of them. She’s never had that want before so we acted on it. She is now officially engaged.

Caplan: Where’s Derek off to?
Back to townie status… only this time as a young adult.
Caplan: I thought…
Ya well, your sister changed her mind. Don’t make a big deal out of this okay?
Caplan: Okay… so what happens to him?
You invite him back your senior year to be the new GH placeholder.
Caplan: Harsh.
Caplan: Remind me not to piss you off.
Oh now you learn?
Caplan: I’ve seen what you’ve done to him… the bees… the poison ivyfixing electronics
First off, his mechanics is maxed, second he wanted to hike and tinker
Caplan: His OTH is nature…

*stares over his shoulder* Are you done yet?
Amar: This will not go any faster with you staring over my shoulder…
Maybe not, but you need to catch up to them. You’re gonna have to buckle down. You have less than a semester to catch up to them.
Amar: I have to do 3 semesters in one?
Do you want to switch places with Derek again?
Amar: Hush woman, I have work to do.

Amar LawsonCancer
Aspiration – Family
6 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 6 nice
LTWBecome Captain Hero

Ack. Their last final and this greets them as they’re exiting the building. *sighs* Thankfully only one stopped… at first… As soon as Alana calmed down, Katherine started, Caplan not wanting her to feel awkward for freaking about a fire already out joined her. For cripes sakes go to your finals! *headdesk* Thankfully, this round in uni is finally over.

End week accomplishments: Alana joined the SS, the GH and wrote a great novel; Caplan joined the SS, the GH, got engaged and got a plaque in sports; Emma joined the SS, the GH, got engaged and got a plaque in sports; Katherine joined the SS, the GH, got engaged, got big sim on campus, got a gold in gardening and a plaque in nature; Amar was saved from redundant towniedom and Derek became the GH placeholder.
Points: 6 points
On-going subtotal: 84 points

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Anonymous said...

Your first evil witch?

Wait . . . you said Katherine was plat . . . how'd she end up with GC for an aspiration?

Amar is so much better looking that Derek. I'm glad Emma chose him.

Jenni said...

Looks like you had fun!! I like Amar better than Derek... Derek has weird facial features, and is therefore not worth it.

And petalbrook: When a sim glitches in age trasitioning and continues to stay in the grow up stage, no matter if he or she is in platinum, they will always become a GC sim. I usually roll for their aspiration instead of leaving them a GC sim since it wasn't their fault they had to change :-D

Kethwyn said...

Ah, Amar was determined not to spend another round or two house sitting and then be relegated back to towniedom. It's just as well; he's a little more nicely put together than Derek.

I've never made the 200 GC LTW either, but the good thing I've found about GC sims is that they're easy to keep gold/platinum.

Congrats on all the accomplishments this round! *waves to Officer Dorian in the SS abduction pictures*

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, Alana, such a sweet naive one! LOL

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Aww, poor Katherine. You should have had her and Caplan have a few dates to get her happiness up a bit first. *pokes Ruby*

*blinks* How'd you do that "gather a household together for college" thingy??

How is he giving you attitude? That's the typical 1-student pose.

Congrats on making friends and getting into the GH.

It's the nose. Bent like that, it ... well, when they ... erm, nevermind. You're the Romance Sim queen. You figure it out!

Emma didn't go the nice route, eh? *snickers*

Congrats on Knowledge, Katherine! Hey, you said she was platinum. What gives?

Heh, I love Emma's shirt though. *chuckles* Where'd you get it and why haven't you shared it with LL yet? *peers* But what's up with her though? (She really does look thoroughly disgusted with her brother there.)

All that just because she's an evil witch? I've got one of those in my Shmoe house and she's been fine so far! (Oh, wait. You guys don't know about that yet. Nevermind. Pretend I didn't say anything 'kay?)

*chokes and laughs* OMG, Alana really needs to get a little bit more worldly there. Good witch or not, that's WAY too innocent! *cackles*

Poor Amar. He's trying so hard to get into your family. And he really is -very- cute. You need to let him in sometime, missy. Find an ugly sim to be the placeholder.

*blinks* Guess they won't have to worry about dust bunnies with all those brooms around! And you've got 1 of each eh? Time to work on werewolves and vampires and zombies now, Ruby!

Heh, that would have sucked, if they all lost their accoutrements. (But someone not a witch or of opposite alignment can put those in their backpacks? Interesting.)

Wow. Is Emma the one who gave the money to the gypsy? Guess she knew what she was about, despite the ugly factor. *grins*

Yes, I'd say Caplan is definitely enjoying the kink-factor there. *snickers as he's handcuffed* OMG, Caplan is freakin' PRICELESS!! Tiego may be a little cuter, but he's nowhere near as entertaining. *giggles*

Well, goodness. Amar is MUCH cuter than Derek is and hey, if she likes him, better genetics in your family! For an evil witch, she was looking awfully happy when they got out of the hot tub. (And I'm guessing she got engaged to Amar, even if you kept cutting off the guy in your pictures. :-b) Cool that she only ever spun up the want to get engaged to him and him alone. (Whoever the "him" might be.)

HA! Yuppers. You were sounding far too pleased with yourself for it to be nose-boy. :-D

Caplan finally learns how mean you can be? I guess more than just better genetics came out of all that. *grins* *snickers at Amar* You go, boyo, catch up to the others! Great stats and a nice easy LTW.

Wow, talk about crappy timing on the fire though. And it looked like another one was ready to start when you shoo'd them all off for their finals. Gratz on making it through!

Anjel76 said...

Uh oh. Sorry to hear that she didn't grow up well, that she wasn't ready to grow u. All I have eto say to her about that is ... SUCK IT UP!! :OD))

What an eclectic group of sims you have in the dorm. And ... uh oh ... grilled cheese. I haven't had that as a primary aspiration yet.

Heh. I like Emma's attitude. *GRIN* Alana ... needs a wake up call. *shakes head*


Anonymous said...

Grilled cheese is the easiest to keep happy I think. Really enjoyed your witches in college and the suspenseful romance too, as well as your (as always) hilarious narration