Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 02 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: We started out with a household of three sims, Andrew took a job in law enforcement and was last promoted to Desk Sergeant. Ashley dated Randy *swoon* London and the two are in puppy lub… That weekend, we had an impromptu visit from Russ Bear who was caught before he could run off with any of the goods and Gavin transitioned to teen

So it’s a new week… not much happened so there you go… done! *blinks* What… you don’t believe me? Ha! You know me better than that don’t you... okay, let’s see what my uneventful week has in store for us.

With two fortune sims in the house, it is understandable that this house is already rather lucrative…

Keeping in mind we have the magic lamp, both of the guys wished for wealth. I have not yet used the last wish. I’m not sure what it is I’m saving it for… hopefully I will know when the time comes.

So we finished up the house… here’s the front….

Here is the back… Outside it looks pretty good… inside, it needs work. I figure with two fortune sims, they will want upgraded things and I will eventually get rid of all their yuck furniture and update their walls and maybe some day I will even remember things like curtains.

And thanks to investing in the sun panels, we no longer receive bills… we get refunds…

Andrew had a chance card, I was about to ignore it when I remembered I’m playing a prosperity… I’m not suppose to ignore them! So I bit my nails and picked…

Yay! Thankfully I picked well. I find myself holding my breath when I have to pick. I’m sure I’m not alone in that…

Seeing how the boy is a fortune sim, I make him get a job… and he reaches the top…

So he gets another job… that he reaches the top in… now that is an over achiever! Way to go kid.

Gavin invited Olivia and Luis over… not only does Ashley and Luis have negative bolts, they can’t seem to talk about anything with out negative results… this is the only way these two get along at all.
Unfortunately, Gavin and Olivia only have 1 bolt. I know I can just raise Olivia’s cleaning and possibly get 2 bolts, but I’m not sure I’m going to try and force their relationship… then again… why not? Olivia must have 3 kids… Gavin must have an heir… I don’t know… I still have time to decide.

All three of them want to buy a car… but I’m much too cheap to give them one. So instead I gave them a heap and they fixed it. Got a few mechanical skills to go with it.

Ah, and our friend Russ Bear… I use the term ‘friend’ very loosely… came back for a visit. Who keeps letting this idiot out? Seriously!

Really, Russ? Really? Are you really surprised he’s back, too? *facepalm* Its not as if I got rid of the burglar alarm! *sighs*

Unfortunately, this time he gets away. Thankfully he doesn’t get a chance to steal anything before he wins the fight.

Are you ready for something utterly silly? The kids are getting off the school bus when Ashley gets the most bizarre thought in her head.

Pet the skunk? Are you sure you want to try that? In all my years playing the Sims… in all the time I have had skunks running around the yard… this is the first time ever that I’ve had someone autonomously want to pet the skunk or do anything with it.

So naturally I let her. And proceeded to laugh and photograph her foolishness.

Ya she was miserable… lets just hope she learned her lesson.

And off she went with her few skills, two scholarships and a silver gardening badge to college.

End week accomplishments: Gavin reached TOC in Athletics and Adventurer, Andrew was promoted to Detective and Ashley went to college with two scholarships and a silver badge in gardening.
Points: 0 points
On-going subtotal: 7 points

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Kerry said...

The sun panels are cool--are they from the Mansions and Gardens pack? Or are they custom? I love how the telescope is indoors. Is that because of the solar, or is it just that the walls are all window?

Silly Ashley!

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

Oy those sun panels are cool if they come in the mansions and garden pack I am gonna have to go back to wal-mart dang it!...heeeheee this is making me wasnt to sim.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo. I likes the house! Horray for solar panels & refunds! Good choice, Andrew! You're not alone, Ruby. I always hold my breath for chance cards too. WtG, Gavin, you overachiever x2! OMG, Russ, are you stoopid?! LOL @ Ashley.

ruby said...

Yes, the sun panels are from Mansions and Gardens. There is also wind thingies (windmills?) that do the same thing.

CarlaluvsSims said...

Great update! I love the house too. So many nice touchs, like the solar panels (yes, they are in the Mansions & Garden stuff pack). I'm going to use them more in my houses!

Anjel76 said...

House is coming along nicely ... on the outside at least. ;O) Yay for simoleons falling form the sky. I wish I could say the same in real life. *pout* Umm ... for some reason, the slideshow won't load. :O( But ... beware of skunks. I had someone pet a skunk before, but nothing bad happened.

ASimWen said...

Oh the little movie didn't load. :( Says... "oops! 'mywidget.pbw?nocache=854'failed to load or parse.

Oh I forgot about the solar panels. I need to use them more often. OOhhh I wonder if you can use them in Uni??

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Two Gen 1 Fortune sims in the same house? How do you survive? I couldn't see the movie/slideshow/whatever either. But they are coming along very well, despite the masochist of a burglar. Is Ashley a redhead or a blonde? I noticed her eyebrows are blonde, but her hair's red.

SK said...

I'm catching up on this prosperity, and this update, I noticed two things in the little pop up information boxes that made me laugh:

(2)"Ashley has gained enthusiasm in Nature! She can now catch and collect even more spiders." Lololol. "Now she can catch even MORE spiders!!!!11one"

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Wow, the house came along nicely! How many simoleons do you get for genie wishes? Ooo, nice refund from the solar panels.

Gah, I hate chance cards. I seem to usually pick wrong (well, until I got my cheat sheet, but it doesn't include the last couple added careers). Gratz on choosing wisely!

Congrats on reaching the top of the teen career, Gavin! Wow, two in one week? Good job, kid!

Hey, Olivia needs the points for a scholarship anyway, so it's not like it would be wasted points, you know? ;-)

Stupid Russ Bear. Don't you learn?

Yikes, I don't think that's going to bode well, Ashley... *giggles* Poor thing.

Already? Geeze, you sure don't less moss grow under these kids feet, do you...

ruby said...

Wen: Yes, you can use them in Uni! Not just the GH, you can put them in the dorms, too.
Fini: Ashley is a red head… her eyebrows are blond? really? oop!
Aer: Each time was different. Andrew got 4 different bags, but I’ve had others only get 1 or 2. and gosh no! I don’t have time for them to dawdle. this is a prosperity.. its a long challenge that can drag out longer if I don’t stay on top of things