Friday, March 13, 2009

Week 01 Ramos Family

We're visiting with our second founding family the Cabr... erm.. Ramos Family..

*tilts head staring at photo* That's wrong... okay so erm... I forgot to take a new photo... so just erm... imagine this picture minus him. *covers Placeholder's face with her index finger* Better.. ya okay no its not. Can I fire myself as photographer? *blinks* Moving along...

So, when I left the house after dealing with Placeholder (yes, that really was his name), the twins had bottomed out and were throwing fits. (thankfully the shrink doesn't visit children so no lost points)
Olivia had visited the Fitzgerald home twice, so I had hopes of at least her being back in the green.

She gave me better than green. Paige... erm Olivia is platinum. Woot, she will be easier to handle.

Shame the same couldn't be said about her brother. *pokes Rob.. erm, Luis*

So Grandma Erica.. *facepalm* Grandma Agatha (who I like better than Erica) did a lot of bonding...

With the kids...

mostly with Miranda, they're total BFFs.. this is important... she's an elder... I want the inheritance!

The family struggled along..

Raised their fun with a bit of gardening...

a bit of fishing...

and bringing friends home from school.

Agatha can't work with the little ones around... so they skilled by making muffins and painting. (sold each of them and darned if that silly Agatha didn't have a fear of selling a lousy painting. She's not maxed so of course it isn't a masterpiece! *facepalm* She cried for a couple of days.)

Rose... *blinks* Miranda grew up some where in the middle of the week.

Agatha managed to teach them all to .. most how to study... I just remembered, Luis never did learn.. gah .. okay next week.

Yet we did manage to cheer the guy up in time for him to transition... well I got notice on Sunday that they transition in a day... I don't usually wait so I'm not sure what happened with Gavin.

The man of the house Luis...

and his twin, Olivia... Now I had hopes of marrying her off to Gavin and with her LTW, I really hope she does marry him, but she likes redheads and Gavin is blond *sighs*
Lets hope Miranda rolls better for me!
Oh and before they toddled off to bed, I made them both get jobs... hey someone has to support this family, and it aint gonna be Grandma!

End week accomplishments: Household of four new sims, Luis transitioned to teen, Olivia transitioned to teen, Miranda transitioned to child, Luis and Olivia got jobs in the medical field
Points: 4 points
On-going subtotal: 7 points

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Anonymous said...

It must be hard for a neighborhood to be a repeat performance! Good luck, I am sure it will become unique and memorable in its own right!

Anonymous said...

I take it these sims had different names in a different life?

Kerry said...

Meh--Gavin can always color his hair! Hope you start being able to think of these sims as themselves, not their previous incarnations!

ASimWen said...

I agree with itlandm ----- these sims will come around to their own uniqueness!

Anjel76 said...

*snickers* "Placeholder" - parents must have been smokin' da gonj when they named their kid. *LOL*

Sorry to hear you had such a rough time with the boy's mood. But ... at least they made it to their teen years without any major catastrophes. Work towards that inheritance. BOOYAH!

Every grew up nice. :O)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

LOL. Sorry, ruby, I seem to have infected you with my problem. I agree, one day we'll stop thing of them as the Cabreras. We just need the kids to hurry up and do something their Cabrera counterpart didn't do.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*giggles at Ruby* We forgive you for photographing the placeholder!

Gratz on Olivia being platinum! Good to know Gavin makes her so happy. :-D Hopefully Luis can find a way to be happy too.

Grandma ain't gonna be getting her LTW, methinks! *grins* But glad she did a bunch of bonding. (And Agatha is pretyt cute too, especially for an elder!)

You get fun when your kids fish? *blinks* For some reason, none of my kidlets seem to enjoy it.

Happy birthday Miranda! She's a cutie too. Nice looking family again. :-) Now if only you could get their names right. *tickles*

Ooo, Luis is cute! And fun LTW. I haven't had any spies yet. And good luck to Olivia with Gavin!

You're such a slave driver to those poor kids.