Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 02 Ramos Family

Last Week: We started this household of four sims, Miranda transitioned to a child, Luis and Olivia transitioned to teens and took on jobs in the medical field.

I figured with a house full of kids and an elder, it would be a quiet week. They did not disappoint me. Mostly they skilled and made friends…

Wait. What’s this? Could it be love?

That’s right, Olivia raised her cleaning skill and suddenly they have two bolts. I can live with that! Besides, I’m not ready to start a third house if I don’t have to.

Gavin and Olivia are adorable together. They autonomously flirt, hug and kiss… and I don’t mean ACR, I mean they really dig each other and are going steady. *group ‘aw’*

While the kids skill, Agatha has been busy making friends… why the sudden rush for friends? Well…

Even though she is only 64 days old, look how far that bar is. I doubt I can get her platinum in time, but if only I can spread the wealth around a bit…

But first… this chickie needs to grow up… ready? *blinks* ya … I fail .. I use to be real good w/ transition pictures and all that jazz but uh… *shrugs*

Anyhow here she is studying… I kinda like the outfit… I love the boots, so cute. Anyhow she rolled romance (my favorite) with a LTW of *facepalm*… 20 simultaneous lovers. Well now, its not as if I haven’t done that before, the 20 different woohoos is just much easier.

Miranda is a lot of fun. Oh oh oh! You can see Andrew’s finished car in the background… not that anyone cares… *giggles*

The next night I got a chance card… erm Luis got a card… holds breath & clicks…

Yay me! Erm… yay Luis… meh, he would have been promoted tonight anyhow.

See? I had them both ready…

Unfortunately that same night… she had just finished cleaning the bathtub after her bath.

Bye, Agatha. I wasn’t ready for you to go either…

Agatha Ramos, Age 65
Loving friend and grandmother, survived by her grandchildren: Luis, Olivia and Miranda.
(Who is Ti-Ning?!?!!)

The rest of the week went by quietly. Miranda would rather stuff her face than cook, Olivia got the flu but thankfully got over it sometime during the weekend and the kids just skilled and worked.

We leave the Ramos family until next time. *waves bye to Agatha*

Random funny:

Apparently Camryn didn’t want to wait for the door to fully open. *grimaces* that looks painful.

End week accomplishments: Luis and Olivia reach TOC for their teen jobs, Miranda transitioned to teen, Agatha leaves an inheritance or three, but no points
Points: 0 points
On-going subtotal: 7 points

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Anonymous said...

Agatha is a pretty elder. *wink* Good job on the chance card. I've seen that one go bad both ways. Congrats on the 2 teen TOCs. *cries softly* Bye Agatha. Your time came too soon.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, Gavin and Olivia are cute together! Sad to see Agatha go, she died young. ish. :(

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Ah see? They're always meant to be! Lance and Paige, uh, Gavin and Olivia forever! See ya Agatha. Let's hope she doesn't scare anyone to death.

Anonymous said...

So many pink hearts for Gavin & Olivia!

Anjel76 said...

Yay for transitions and 2 bolt couples (finally). Awww ... wow! Agatha didn't have much time left, did she! Just one day! O__O Poor chick. With that "funny" picture - looks to me like death is saying, "Look you. If you keep walking into doors like that, you aren't gonna have any time left either!" :O)

ASimWen said...

Buh-bye Agatha...yay for pink hearts. Erm...walkin' thru doors, maybe Camryn is auditioning for Grim... "See? I would make a GREAT ghost!!!!"

Kerry said...

No, I think Grim is saying, "Stop! Back! Your time has not yet come!" and she's so freaked, she backs right through the door!

Those teens are really good looking.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yay for true love! *cheers* (And for a controller who let Olivia raise her cleaning skills.)

Aww, gratz on going steady!

Yikes, that's a short lifespan she's getting there!

Miranda's growing up already? Didn't she JUST turn into a child? Ick, fit and jewelry? That's not gonna be easy to get bolts for. 20 simultaneous lovers? YIKES!!

Woot! Good choice, Luis! Gratz! And gratz to them both on promo's to ToTC! (ToTC = Top of Teen Career. Cute, no?)

Aw, man. Bye Agatha. :-( Here's hoping you had LOTS of money stashed away somewhere! Well, not bad, I guess. Funny that she had a friend you didn't know about. *snickers*