Friday, March 27, 2009

Week 03 Ramos Family

Last Week: Luis and Olivia had reached TOC for their teen jobs, Miranda transitioned to teen, Agatha passed leaving inheritances and a sad gray tombstone.

If you thought week 3 with the Fitzgerald house was fast, wait to you see this.. don't blink.. you'll miss it! Doesn't that picture just seem... empty? *sighs*

Well never fear... she doesn't stay away for long. Thankfully Luis is a knowledge sim so he wasn't traumatized.

I made sure to get them to skill, I wanted at least a few scholarships for these guys. Utoh, Luis stopped painting, that means just one thing.

Mmhmm, Agatha strikes again.

Meet Cameryn Lee.. I'm sure you've seen her around, she isn't bad looking.. a new hair, a bit of make up... I think she will do well as Luis' future wife.

Luis of course has ideas of his own... enter Meadow Thayer.

He really, really digs this chick.

Best friends, just in time. The twins grab their scholarships and head to college.

End week accomplishments: Erm.. nothing really, Luis & Olivia grabbed a few scholarships and left for college.
Points: 0 points
On-going subtotal: 8 points

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Jenni said...

Wow... That one was slow too... At least Meadow's pretty genes will get into your hood!

ASimWen said...

I can vouch for Meadow's pretty genes. After all, she is the Mother of the Anotothain Race on earth....

Anonymous said...

The kids did pretty well in the scholarship dept.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Another Meadow worming her way in. They did do well.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yeah, it does. Poor kids, left all by their lonesome. Although at least they'll get the orphan scholarship. *shrugs*

Erm, is Agatha wearing a helmet or something? *blinks* Hey, at least grandma is limiting herself to the knowledge kid. But you should have them mourning her grave - she won't scare so often then.

Cameryn is a cutie. :-D Ugh, Luis, she'll give you crabs if you hook up with Meadow! (Not that she isn't cute too, but yeesh. She's the town doormat... EVERY town's doormat!)

I hope you made him brush his teeth after that.

Wow, Luis and Olivia did pretty well with scholarships! Poor Miranda is all alone now though. :-(

ruby said...

Aer: Both of their parents are dead so the kids would have gotten their orphan scholarship either way.