Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week 03 University

More kids in Uni! *grins*
Last Week: Ashley got in the SS, starts the GH and became a good witch (yay!)

All new comers spend 1 year in a dorm.

*blinks* When did I turn the special events back on? *watches the opening and turns in to a pile of goo* Aw I forgot how cute that is! I love when the parent hugs the kid so hard. Its pretty realistic in a simmy kind of way.

*blinks again* Oh.Em.Gee!! What is Olivia wearing!?!? *falls off chair laughing and searches for eye bleach* That is hideous! Okay everyone grab a door and we are going shopping…
While they were out, I looked around for blazers, only saw one and I had Meadow (seeing how she has the most nice points of the ones I took with me. Somehow Olivia stayed home but the other three came? *shrugs*) and they had a nice head start on a friendship before I sent them home with new clothes.

And here they are… erm… *pokes Luis* the coach caught him before he could make it to class

First I need to introduce Meadow… although I know most are very familiar with her.

Meadow Thayer – Aquarius
Aspiration – Family
4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
LTWHave 6 Grandchildren
/facepalm So much for keeping the population in check…

I have them eat meals together occasionally, a habit I got in to with my legacy family. I find it keeps their friendships closer… and once one gets in to the SS the others will fall easier… besides, Olivia needs to cook as her OTH is cuisine.

So first year for all uni students pretty much goes the… dang it, I knew I forgot something! Hold that thought cow.

Ah, much better… as I was saying, they live happy in the dorms that I dub the ‘freshman dorms’.

They go to class and meet the blazer crowd.

They skill for classes and in Luis’ case, for his OTH and seeing how he’s a knowledge sim, he’s going for a max all 7 as well.

I also have them meet who ever is in the GH and join as soon as possible.

Olivia and Gavin both had the want to get engaged, so I let them… although I think that is odd that they fall in love again after they get engaged… Meadow and Luis for some odd reason were not in as big of a hurry.

Although Gods forbid a female even speaks to Luis… Meadow comes running to flirt with him and remind him he is taken! *giggles*

Before their first year ended, Meadow finally rolled the want to get engaged. She needed the aspiration points so I gave it to her.

This is where I stopped to jump in to the GH to prepare the house and Ashley for the invasion of her little brother and the others. Yes, that is a true kidnapping fail… she stood behind the chair so he couldn’t get up to be kidnapped. She eventually went away. *shrugs*

I jumped in to the GH and played Ashley through a year to her Sr Yr and then called the now Sophomores over and moved them in one by one.

That night Demi Love got her man… *giggles*

Now seeing how Ashley is my first witch, I have much to learn. One of the things that I wondered was what would happen if someone other than her tried to ‘examine’ her things…

Now this I expected… I saw this happen in an update by Mao… but what about the cauldron?

Oh this could be bad *snickers* and off he ran… fast… across the house to the bathroom upstairs because I hadn’t finished the two downstairs yet…

I thought for sure he was going to be sick, but instead he grabbed a glass of water… how odd.

Okay enough of this update.

Ashley Fitzgerald Infallibly Good Witch
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Big Sim on Campus

I usually close a uni update with a glitch… since I don’t have one for you I leave you with these two pictures instead.

Meet Len, Ashley’s familiar.

I told her to say goodbye to the llama mascot so she wouldn’t be disturbed during her date with Scot who doesn’t seem to mind that she kissed him. She had never spoken to the guy before… sims are strange creatures.

End week accomplishments: Ashley graduates, becomes infallibly good, BSOC and heads home. Gavin, Olivia, Luis and Meadow join the SS, GH and get their plaque for OTH, Olivia & Luis received plaques for Arts & Crafts. Gavin and Olivia got engaged, Luis and Meadow get engaged
Points: 7 points
On-going subtotal: 15 points

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Jenni said...

Hahahaha... Ashley and the llama was amusing

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say that just because Meadow has a LTW doesn't mean you have to give her what she wants . . . then I remembered . . . you're playing a Prosperity. So you do kinda hafta if you want the point.

Blech, llama fur!

Anjel76 said...

Congrats on getting your first full-fledged witch! And she's all nice and sparkly now, too. Yay for familiars!! :O) Congrats to all those who got engaged. Will they stay engaged and eventually marry the person to whom they got engaged? *wiggles eyebrows* Yup ... playing is fun. :O)

Anonymous said...

I have them live in a dorm for a year too! I also had a legacy for a long time, and have them eat together.

Oooh I'd like to have a witch, one showed up at a recent wedding...and met the bride and groom.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Now I understand why people have the witch good and bad skin replacements. Poor Ashley looks like she has chicken pox, or measles. Meadow's funny.

Kerry said...

The shot of Ashley on her broom, wearing a toga and her witch hat, was beyond priceless! Hysterical!

Melissa said...

I love Meadow's shirt. Do you remember where you got it? Also, love the cow head. Would love to know where you got that, too. hee hee. I liked the update, also.
Melissa *coveting your cc
(from TS2Challenges Group Yahoo! Group)

SK said...

I'm late and just catching up with Forgotten Ossuary so I can be up to date.

I just had to say...I love how the witch's skin sparkles. :) I've never had a witch either, so I can't wait to have one in my prosperity hood.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hehe, I love the special event for college. :-D

Yeah, that's kind of dorky... I guess that's all she was able to find at Good Will that fit her or something? Glad you're taking them shopping!

*giggles at Meadow's LTW* Well, you can either give her 3 kids and let them have 2 each or you can give her 2 kids and let them have 3 each. *grins wickedly*

Shouldn't the dorm cook take care of making the food for them?

Ugh, I hate the darn cow. *makes a face at the mascot* Ooo, where'd you find the mounted cow head?

Isn't Ashley cold, wearing just a toga in the snow? But that's neat that she's all sparkly!

Congratulations to Olivia and Gavin! May you two be as happy in adulthood together as you were as children. :D

*snickers at Meadow's possessiveness* And congratulations to Meadow and Luis! *cheers*

Congrats on moving into the GH and getting into the SS! *claps*

Poor Gavin, being Ruby's guinea pig for the witchly stuff.

Wow, Ashley made Big Sim too? Very nicely done!

That was a nice busy update there. :-)