Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 04 Fitzgerald Family

Last Week: Andrew got his first TOC in Law Enforcement, changed jobs to entertainment and was promoted to Birthday Party Mascot; Gavin took his scholarships and went to college

Ashley’s home! *sighs* Ya… so uh not much drama happened… *shrugs* Well this is a prosperity neighborhood, where things are suppose to be good… I’m not allowed to kill anyone off and I’m not supposed to jeopardize things and create drama like a soap so uh… I don’t know how to play nice any more!

GAH! I hate clowns!!! Hurry up and get promoted! *shudders*

Ashley took a job in crime since her ‘dream job’ was not yet available… hmmm… seems rather ‘against’ her infallibly good ways but it was the highest paying job so I made her take it anyway.

Naturally, I got a chance card… *holds breath and clicks*

Oops, sorry Ashley, at least she didn’t get fired. Problem is, she is extremely lazy and hates to work out so losing body points is harsh for her. Getting them back was a bear!

So I had her work out until she whined about being tired and stinky, then I would plop her dainty butt in her ‘special witchy’ chair and let her study cooking. (She has the cuisine OTH.) then I would make her work out again and… well rinse & repeat.

Andrew managed to get promoted. I am not too thrilled with this entertainment job… from a clown to a mime, to a ventriloquist, to a lounge singer… ew, okay, just ew!

Andrew came home with the flu. Ugh, no flu epidemic please! So I sent him to take a nice long comforting bubble bath and to rest a lot until Ashley could come home.
Andrew: You can stop watching me bathe now…
*blinks* what? I uh… moving along…

Yay, she cured him. I tell you, having a good witch in the house comes in handy!

While at the university, I made sure to invite Miranda over so she could meet Ashley. I want another witch and yay, I got another one!

A couple of odd things happened this week. No, not Andrew’s case of poison ivy from his hike… (that by the way cannot be cured by a spell.) Poor guy was miserable!

First odd thing came up when I attempted to get Ashley in to the garden club. She has a gold badge, so I thought it would be nice… only to be refused an inspection due to an emergency on the lot? *blinks* Really? Where?!

Andrew decided he wanted a butler, fine… Ashley grabbed a phone and called up the service. Along comes our butler. Who promptly fired the maid who always runs out of the house as if she’s being chased by… something. (odd thing #2) As soon as that business was taken care of he ran to the phone and called the fire department!

Here comes Mitch Lawson to save the day… he gets out… looks around… and says, I gotta go be more careful.

This went on all night. *waves hi to LeTourneau*

As soon as one would leave, the butler ran to the phone. *waves hi to Maura* Finally when Mitch came again, I had Ashley meet him. He’s my favorite of the three. It wasn’t until the butler went home that they stopped coming. I’m glad it was their last night because that got old fast!

Before I leave you for this update… one last thing happened.

Ironically I had just moved the solar panels earlier… yanno, that looks painful. *grimaces*
That’s about the time Andrew hit the zone in Science (his OTH). I was curious how he would receive his plaque seeing how he was still with the aliens.
Jace stepped on the lot, claimed congrats and promptly left. *pout* I was hoping it would be more interesting. Oh if you look at this picture, you can see he only has 3 days left until he is an elder. I doubt he will be preggers after this encounter.

I waited until he got home before ending this week.

Welcome home, Andrew.

End week accomplishments: Andrew was promoted to lounge singer, was abducted and received a plaque in Science; Ashley took a job in crime was promoted to cat burglar, got a gold badge in gardening
Points: 1 point
On-going subtotal: 16 points

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Anonymous said...

So I guess you did have a little drama going on there! Did you solve your fire issue?

ruby said...

Nope not yet. Hopefully I'll figure it out before Gavin and Olivia's wedding. Can you imagine that fiasco? Eesh!

Jenni said...

You're making me want to start playing witches... Gah I suck at the special creature people! Not that I've had any... I figure that all of mine would just happen when they happened lol!

Anjel76 said...

Weirdness abounds, ruby-my-sweet. :O) But yay for getting another witch! :O) I'm proud of you. :O) Maybe you should use the batbox so you can figure out what's going on on your lot.

Anonymous said...

I've had a persistent glitch with the garden club and the "emergency." I don't know what hack is conflicting or whatever but I sure miss the wishing wells and the discounts!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Man, you really do whine a lot about having to be nice to your sims, don't you... *grins* This is a good challenge to you!

Aww, bad luck on the chance card!

"Special witchy chair"? What, does it increase her needs or something?

Maybe ew, but Andrew still looks cute like that. (Although I do wish they'd given the mime's an outfit at least a little different from the burglars! Other than the stupid hat, they're the same and I keep wondering when my Sims changed careers.) But what's up with Andrew's red hair and blonde beard? *peers*

Yay for Ashley curing her dad's flu! (Of course, Grandma's Soup works well too.)

Poor Andrew. He's really not having a good week. First the flu, then poison ivy?

Erm, an emergency? With Ashley and Andrew standing around outside playing? Did you ever figure out what the emergency was?

*waves hello to Mitch* So you had a fire somewhere? Huh. You should figure out what was on fire so it doesn't keep happening.

ooo, have fun, Andrew! *cackles* (What does being "in the Zone" actually do for them?)