Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week 04 University

Last Week: Ashley graduated, became an infallibly good witch, BSOC and headed home. Gavin, Olivia, Luis and Meadow joined the SS, GH and get their plaque for their respective OTH, Olivia & Luis received plaques for Arts & Crafts. Gavin and Olivia got engaged, Luis and Meadow get engaged

Whew so much happened last time, we should be able to relax during their last two years… right? Mmmmmm… No… not exactly. I have some planning to do… a building to expand and upgrade… plants to plant… flowers to arrange and patterns to sew… all this and keep up their GPA.

*squints* If you look closely you can just make out the GH and all the changes I’ve made to the house… *does her impersonation of Vanna White* And to the left is the basketball court and behind the court you will find their wonderful money saving windmills. The clever folks in this Greek House are environmental conscious and receive refunds. *snaps out of her Vanna trance* The layout of this house was already odd. So when I got my hands on it, it got even odder. *giggles* its like an outline of a box with a pool, hot tub and small garden in the center. The only bad thing is when it rains they complain about weather in their house.

Ah Professor… erm… something or other. *waves at the professor* He dated Ashley in order to keep her GPA up while she studied her witchcraft. *folds arms defensively* Hey now, I have my priorities right. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and infallibly good… TYVM! Anyhow, lets see what goodie he brings to the house.
*let it be good… or at least expensive… crosses fingers hoping*

Cha Ching! Thanks Prof! The remaining Geek house students thank you. They’ll enjoy it immensely.

Another gift, I love this lamp. I have no idea what it does other than wealth.

Again I saved the last wish. Why do I do that? I have no idea. Ah well, both Luis and Meadow wished for wealth.

The kids are in their last year here and need a GH house sitter. Enter Amar. I picked him for two reasons.
1. He’s a blazer boy
2. He’s easy on the eyes! *grins*
Think about it, Miranda the romance with 20 simultaneous lovers is next in Uni… who better to have in the Greek House but her first potential victim?

Ah there you are… I should have known. This is where he sat during his ‘probation’ time and beyond. I worried for him. He never moved from this chair during their whole Senior year. So I had Olivia make a snapdragon just for him. Did I mention, Olivia managed to get her gold badge in flower arranging? Erm, well yes she did.
Psst… Amar… are you still alive? *waits… waits* Oh he… uh… isn’t playable yet. Hmmm… *pokes Amar*
Amar: *looks around confused* Did… did someone just… *shakes his head and goes back to reading*
Heh… maybe he will marry in to the hood… I’d erm… have to change his hair… hmmm… at least by the time he was an elder… *grins*

Gavin has a gold badge in sewing. The guy just would not get rid of that stupid want. He insisted he ‘must’ learn how to sew! So sew he did. He made Meadow’s wedding dress and lots of curtains to hang up around the GH.

I encouraged them to work on other hobbies. I mean come on, they needed a break from all that studying. Why not play a game or two? I just love how Olivia kept winning and Luis would just give her those looks… yes, much like that one *giggles*
Meadow: Go left, Luis. Left!!
Luis: Cheater! You cheat, Oli
Olivia: Cry me a river, you just suck, Lu. Watch my 1337 skills!

They still eat together on occasion. In Cedar Park, I didn’t pay enough attention to family bonds. I’m hoping not to repeat that mistake this go around. It’s easier to keep a relationship than renew them. *pauses, tilts her head* Yanno, they tend to talk at the same time. How do they even hear themselves think?
Luis: So when the clouds broke and the sun came out we hopped back in to the hot tub for a quick…
Meadow: Luis! Your sister doesn’t want to hear about that.
Gavin: Maybe not, but I do. *Glares at roo*
*snicker snorts* What?
Gavin: I would never have said that…
Maybe not, but you’d have thought it!
*Gavin glances at Olivia and grins at roo.*
That’s my boy.

Before they left, Gavin gave Amar a tv he brought home on one of his campus visits and an outfit that I picked out for him to sew and the keys to the Greek house.
Amar: For me? Really?
Gavin: Yup. Take good care of the place. It holds a lot of good memories.

End week accomplishments:

Gavin Fitzgerald
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Gold Badge: Gardening, Sewing
Plaque: Science, A&C

Olivia Ramos
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Gold Badge: Flower Arranging
Plaque: Cuisine, A&C, Games

Luis Ramos
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Plaque: Music, A&C

Meadow Thayer
Graduate Summa Cum Laude
Greek House
Secret Society Member
Gold Badge: Gardening
Plaque: Nature

Points: 5 points
On-going subtotal: 21 points

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Veil said...

Ruby, the lamp left by the gypsy can also get someone PermaPlat. I use it when I've got someone with an LTW that will take years to satisfy (e.g., 5 Top Businesses).

Jenni said...

Hahaha! I totally understand a sim HAVING to have something... It's amusing to watch and read lol!!

Anonymous said...

Good for Gavin. There's nothing wrong with a guy wanting to sew. And how cool is that he made Meadow's wedding gown?

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow, your sims must be great multi taskers! Mine can barely graduate without going on probation, let alone get any badges of any kind!

ruby said...

*points at the flowers*
Snapdragons... mmhmm... they are your friend! That is why I pushed at least one person to get the gold in flower arranging!
That and they dont sleep for hours on end... nope, they nap till they're close to full, get up and take care of things and then nap again when necessary..

Anjel76 said...

Meadow has big boobies. :O}

Congrats to all the graduates.

Y'know ... I'm jealous. NONE of my sims have gotten ANY kind of badge in Flower arranging. :O| I don't know why. It just doesn't seem to work! :O( When I was having Justin Serf try ... he'd be out there all damn day ... and NOTHING. Once ... (or twice) ... he spontaneously combusted. That's all he got for his efforts. *sniffles*

I haven't tried it since installing some of my "fix" hacks. So ... mebbe I'll give it a try with a test sim ... maybe the sim that I was testing Keth's winkies on. :OD))

But anyway ... Amar IS very easy on the eyes. :O) I bet he'll make beautiful babies.

ASimWen said...

Yeah, great job on the hobby plaques. I tend to fizzle out on those once the Sim gets the one that is marked in their panel. ;)

Kerry said...

Wow, they were busy--glad to hear Amar has a future! I left Sasha Dante's mohawk all through her life--the gray one is funny now she's an elder!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I love that blazer boy. He's so sweet. Good to see you're trying to keep them close. You certainly had them doing a lot of things.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Nice updates to the house! (Why does having the pool, hot tub and garden in the center mean they complain about the weather?)

Ooo, you go Ashley! Way to sleep your way to a 4.0! *cackles* And nice present the prof left her...after she graduated.

Wow and another genie lamp? Score!

Wow, despite the haircut, Amar is pretty cute. Nice placeholder!

No, you didn't mention Olivia got her gold badge in flowers. Congrats to her! (And nice that she made him a snapdragon.)

Interesting painting behind Gavin (where he's giving Meadow a gift). *snickers at the game playing*

(Do you have the hack that keeps your relationships from degrading if they're over 90? I love that! I see no reason for family to stop being friends just because they don't talk often. Although I do kind of wish it was limited to family only.)

*frowns* Who is Gavin glaring at? (The discussion around the table.) Oooo, he's glaring at YOU. *snickers*

That was a nice busy year for them all and gratz on all the badges and plaques and whatnot!