Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 02 University

This is our first venture in to the university. I picked Fiesta seeing how we're in a dessert atmosphere in FO. I had dropped her in to a dorm and picked a door. Apparently then I dozed off before saving and exiting and going back to the Fitzgerald family. o.O
This is what I came back to.

Meet Scot Kim. She was standing in his room. In her pajamas... apparently they know each other rather well... they also have 3 lb... wow... I got lucky, things could have gone real bad.

Usual things happen, she goes to school, meets people, gets good grades...

I took full advantage of the Secret Society money. I bought statues and used up all monies available... why?

Well to buy a good house for the Greek House naturally. I made most of the playables and binned sims in to townies.. which made this house free... well not free, but definitely available... made a few additions in preparation of her brother's arrival and the Ramos kids and called in the Charter.

I then did something I hadn't done yet.. I called over a friend of hers... then asked to be taught the way of the light.. I have my very first witch! D'oh! I forgot to take a picture of her in her outfit.. dang.

That's it for now. I leave you with my traditional glitch pic or two.

Total delayed reaction to the fire. Silly man kept cooking and tasting the mac n cheese. *shakes head*

Ghosts in the dorm? Nope! That's Scot Kim and one of the blazer boys. I don't know what happened, they came out of their rooms that way, although they eventually spun back to normal. The blazer boy took a shower and Scot spun in to his outerwear.

End week accomplishments: Ashley gets in to SS, starts a GH
Points: 0 points
On-going subtotal: 7 points

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Anonymous said...

Fun update...I've had that "ghost" glitch too. I wonder what causes it?

Anonymous said...

*giggle @ the cook with the fire*

I'm looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Ooh witchy! I have strict limits on witching in Micropolis, but in Pleasantview I abuse the Throne of Light like crazy. I have this robot guy who is so good he shines in the dark, churning out Thrones of Light and witchifying everyone who wants. Who needs beds, showers or even toilets when you can restore your stats by skilling in a Throne of Light?

Also, lucky break with the 3-bolter! Woo!

Jenni said...

Cool update! I myself have never had a real witch before... I should do that sometime...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Congrats on making Ashley a witch. Weird glitch, though. I love abusing the SS funds too.

ASimWen said...

Oh yeah real lucky with Scott. Ya sound like me...fallin' asleep at the puter. lol I do it all the time. Have fun with Witchy Ashley!

Kerry said...

The cook looks like he's breathing fire! Funny! That was a stroke of luck--when I walk away from the computer things usually go downhill very fast!

Anjel76 said...

Congrats on the 3bolts and the new witch! :O) Yeah, I've had the "ghost" non-ghost sims happen before. :O)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*giggles loudly* Oh, did you ever get lucky! And so, apparently, did she. *waggles her eyebrows* And Scott is CUTE! (He looks a lot like Randy, actually.) And to get 3 bolts out of too? Very cool!

Wow, way to thrust out that chest though, Ashley! *giggles* (The shot with her talking to the SS chick.)

Yay for the greek house! (And hey, yeah you named yours Urele Fruhm also, I forgot you'd mentioned that. *grins*)

Congrats on getting your first witch! (One of Joe's brood will become my first witch too... maybe two, one good and one evil, not sure yet.)

*snickers* It looks like he's actually breathing fire there! *nods* That seems to happen to my dormie kids quite often actually. The first time it happened, I freaked out. But now I hardly even notice anymore, it happens so much. *shrugs* No clue why.